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Ways to Reduce Stress for College Students

esther.diaz July 3, 2017

Most students in various colleges from the Philippines and all over the world may have experienced the life of a ‘zombie student.’ In particular, these are those students who lives along with stress day by day – struggling to complete paper works, not sleeping for most days especially during examination week, and showing up on their thesis presentation with noticeable dark circles below their eyes – which you may guilty about as well. However, even when stress has become part of a students’ life and is considered normal – you can still hack it.

Thing is, you have to understand that you have your own control over it, as you have on your life. So what may be the ways to reduce stress? Here’s a list you can definitely try on!


Number hack on reducing stress – is to not think about it. Just don’t. When you put your mind around that thought, you’d most likely feel it. Psychology students know much about this, and you should be aware too. You may be having a lot on your plate but dwelling on negative thoughts will only hinder you from doing what you need to do for the day. So, freshen up and divert your attention to other things that would help you enjoy your day.


Why else would you feel stressed? You’re probably lacking some sleep. However, this may be inevitable for most college students. The thing about sleeping is that you have to estimate and at least, schedule it. If you know you have enough time to sleep at any point of the day, then do so. It will be really helpful if you manage sleep effectively: either take naps, get to bed early, or allot a longer sleeping time during weekends.

Do not sacrifice your sleep as this will reflect at a certain point of the day, also this could lead to particular illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and depression.


This goes way back to the above tip; you may have also been stressed over lack of enough nutrients. Although it may be understandable that you eat from fast food chains and canned goods, and drink soda to freshen up – think about how your body feels.

Eat something healthy every now and then, like fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods, and water… more water!


Lacking time for sleeping cannot be an excuse for not exercising – as your body will feel tired otherwise. To be fair, you don’t need to allot a lot of time in exercising, nor do you need to perform heavy exercise routines like those things they do at the gym. In fact, you can exercise simply through a relaxing 30-minute walk especially when going to particular short distance areas, for example when eating on your favorite off-campus restaurant. Remember that you don’t need to overdo it, just a simple stretching of your legs will do for an exercise!


Feeling stressed when you’ve been working on a project for a week isn’t at all questionable. Thing is, when you’re too focused on getting things done, you’d probably forget about your social life as well. But that shouldn’t happen!

Grab a bite with your family, or have a movie marathon with your friends for a night. Your social life plays an important part on your college experience – so make the most of it(healthily)!

Key Takeaway

Given these hacks, reducing stress in your daily life as a college student is actually doable. What you just need is self-control, a bit of patience, and know that when things are not going right – take a break.

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