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Your Ultimate DIY Survival Hack List

esther.diaz July 25, 2017

When you are looking for DIY survival tips, you might as well take it a step further and research some awesome hacks you can do to make survival a walk in a park. Here are a few examples.

Framework Collar Connector

If ever you would need a long pole in the wilderness, then find two limbs of saplings first which will give you the right length if you combine them. You will often need long poles to build shelters. But in case cords are not around to tie the two limbs together, then you can use a small bottle from the trash. Simply slice the top and bottom off of the bottle to have a strong cylindrical tube which can be used as a collar to connect your two limbs. Narrow the limbs in a way that they would fit smoothly when they slide in on opposite ends of the tube but become snug when the butts meet. This collar will work surprisingly well and even better than most lashings because it won’t expand when exposed to moisture. If the collar is a bit loose, then heat it up so that it will tighten.

Blanket Chair

When the ground is snow or just wet in general, you may experience the uncontrollable desire to sit on dry ground. It’s useful to know how to create your own makeshift chair. First get 4 sturdy poles and a durable fabric. Cut 3 poles to be 6-8 feet long with 1-2 inches in thickness. The 4th one should have the same thickness but only 4 feet long.

Connect two of the long poles at one end by using a bipod lashing to form a triangle. Then fold the fabric in half and bunch up the open end and tie it with rope. Then attach this bunched up end to the bipod lashing you created. On the end of the fabric with the fold, insert the 4 foot pole and allow the two ends of it to stick out of the fabric. Make sure that these two ends can meet the two long poles and rest on them when you make it lean. It should resemble a triangle with fabric in between. Finally add the last long pole as a support for the entire thing by lashing it to the inside of the top angle of the triangle.

Condom Canteen

Even if condoms are mainly used for personal purposes, you’ll be surprised how many uses it has for survival. This is why many survivalists suggest keeping a few in survival kits; the non-lubricated ones in particular. The most useful function it can serve is to use it as a water container.

If you choose to do this, then here are the steps:

  • Place condom in a sock in order to protect it during travel.
  • For the spout, use any rigid tube like an ink pen casing.
  • Use tape to secure the base of the condom around the tube.
  • Carve out a spout stopper from any available branch.
  • Add a sling to it to take more than a liter of water with you everywhere.

Key Takeaway

Living comfortably while in the while is all about using the environment as well as being well equipped. These are just a few of the many survival hacks you can do.

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