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10+ Best Work From Home Jobs In India That Pay You Well

BAnudesigns December 11, 2020

People, these days, are more likely inclined towards work from home jobs (WFH). Having the perks like comfortability of home, wearing an unironed t-shirt, soft couch, and no boss over your head but the same productivity as in-office work and that’s why work from home is fascinating for this generation.

As digitalization is expanding exponentially, it might be possible every job in the corporate sector can be turned into a work from a home category without some finger counting exceptions.

So, what are you waiting for? Take power in your hands, work on yourself, learn new skills, know opportunities and threats in your career, take challenges, and succeed!

Work from home jobs can be classified into two types:

1) Apply for a job where your employer or company allows you to work from home whatever work you are supposed to do in the office (In short, you still work for your company). Most IT jobs became work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2) Freelancing (Here also you have an employer but you work on your terms and conditions).

What is freelancing?

Firstly, in freelancing, you work for yourself, not for any organization or firm by sitting in your home. Here, you provide service to those who seek it and get paid. The great advantage is, you grow together.

To summarize, you do not work as an employee but as a service provider. You are self-employed. No one forces you to improve, you have to improve and brush up your skills daily otherwise your work will be rejected or it will be valued less.

Does it require experience?

It depends on the employer. Experience doesn’t matter that much but the requirement of skills is of utmost importance. There are many opportunities to work from home( like offering your service for NGOs) where you are not paid that much but great to start off to gain experience and improve skills. Moreover, doing some social service is never wrong, isn’t it?

Best WFH jobs in India that pay you well

You need only a computer (or laptop or smartphone) and a stable internet connection to start working from home. You can make earnings according to your skills and the quality of work you submit.

1. Animator

An animator is the one who creates frames or images which when arranged in a sequence appear to be in movement. In 2020, it is a highly demanding profession that pays very high depending on your skills.

One thing to remember is that you need to learn a lot of software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many more to succeed as an animator.

2. Editor

An editor is the one who edits which can include selection, redesigning or rewriting, and curating content. The content can be audio, video, pictorial, and even text! Just like animation, it is also one of the most demanding jobs. Depending upon the content you’re editing, the skills differ. For example, a video editor needs to be well-versed with video editing tools while a text editor (for blogs, books, etc.) requires SEO and proofreading skills.

3. Software Developer

The main task of the software developer is to solve the problem. The client shares the problem and you have to provide an efficient solution. This is the highest paying job in India and outside of India. Problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and command over one or more computer language(s) are all its requirements.

4. Content development and marketing

Content is the heart of any online business. Companies, organizations, and firms need impactful content to expand their business. If you are proficient at writing, having a good command of grammar you can start now. It is a great WFH job that pays you well too!

5. Social Media Manager

Marketing of the products on social media gives the business and startups a high peak. The social media manager is supposed to handle email marketing, study analytics, and promote brands. Handling social media accounts of celebrities, business personalities, companies is the work from home opportunity that pays you very well.

6. Contract Maker

Clients and service providers need someone who can handle their paperwork for future reference. This profession is considered a great option to go with. Earnings are not that great but best to do as a side hustle.

7. Financial advisor

Many people are always worried about losing their money, the reason is not less money but lack of knowledge about money. If you know about investing, handling money and taxes help people to keep the flow of cash running. Earnings are quite good but sometimes it is risky as the entire money and share market keeps changing every second.

8. Web Developer

In the digital world, you cannot forget about web development. Businesses and startups need websites to promote and sell their products. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side coding, and designing knowledge is required to develop a great website.
Earnings depend upon your skills, understanding, and communication skills.

9. Translator

The translator helps two people to understand each other’s language. Language becomes a barrier while cracking some deals out of state or country. If you know any language like French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and even English, it’s great to work as a translator.
Earnings are quite good.

10. Online Tutoring jobs

Online learning is spreading widely. Students prefer to learn at their pace and comfort, and hence teaching online is popular and demanding these days. If you can teach the students the unconventional yet in an interesting way then you will be rated as one of the best online tutors. Keep in mind, competition is high, the quality of teaching will determine your success. Your earnings depend completely on your teaching skills, quality of the content, and material you provide.

11. Nutritionist

If you have proper knowledge of nutrition and nutritional elements then this is the most demanding work from home (and less competition). A wide variety of brands are marketing their products claiming they provide the best nutrition. Amidst all these numerous brands help people to select the best for their health, which provides nutritional elements.
Earnings are quite good for a nutritionist in comparison to other work from home jobs.

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