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10 Most Popular Wholesale Bathroom Vanities

joeyfranklin April 23, 2021

It can be challenging to find the perfect bathroom vanity set sometimes. The options in its style and designs are just unlimited. However, you can make this work by combining your preferences. There are several wholesale bathroom vanities, from which you can decide what you want. The key is to find something which offers both style and performance. 

In general, the perfect bathroom vanity set consists of a sink or a container with shelves and cabinets around it. However, mirrors are optional. You can place a beautiful mirror some inches above the sink. Similarly, bathroom vanities also include mirror cabinets sometimes. These cabinets have shelves inside and mirrors outside. This style is quite popular among people these days.

Following are some of the popular types of bathroom vanities which will help you select yours. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Vanity cabinets
  2. Under-mount sink vanity
  3. Vessel vanity
  4. Floating vanity
  5. Round bathroom vanity
  6. Square bathroom vanity
  7. Rectangular vanity
  8. Pedestal sink vanity
  9. Freestanding vanity
  10. Makeup vanity
Bathroom Vanities Wholesale

1.     Vanity cabinets:

Cabinets with sinks are one of the most popular bathroom cabinet accessories. They serve every household in the best way. The sink is either built into the countertop or separates from the cabinet. These vanities work well when you have sufficient space in your bathroom. 

A washbasin and a cabinet in combination is the best choice. As a result, you should go for these options without any doubt. Firstly, it gives you the storage option. Secondly, it adds style to your bathroom. A mirrored vanity cabinet is the best option if you get ready for work in your bathroom.

2. Under-mount sink vanity:

On the counter of most bath decors, you will find a sink. Well, it works for many people. However, the under-mount sink vanity is popular among many homeowners. In this combination, the sink is a little below the cabinets. It gives you more area to place your regular items on top of it. Besides, it also looks organized. 

3. Vessel vanity:

Vessel vanity has been trending for quite a long time. People use to prefer this type of bathroom vanity because of its look. In a vessel vanity, a bowl-shaped sink is placed above the cabinet. It is a unique bathroom accessory. However, it can be tricky to maintain and handle. Wholesale bathroom vanities offer these amazing options.

4. Floating vanity:

A floating vanity has a wall cabinet style. Firstly, it is not resting on the floor like other base cabinets. Secondly, it usually hangs on the wall above the surface. You may install this type of vanity if you are not too afraid to lose it. It is a functional set of bath vanity with lots of cabinets and drawers. Floating vanities are also trending these days.

5. Round bathroom vanity:

A round bathroom vanity is for those who have smaller bathrooms. If you do not have enough space in your bath, go for a round vanity set. As a result, you will get to have a vanity bath. A round vanity set may not have lots of cabinets or drawers. However, the round sink adds beauty and elegance to your bathroom.

6. Square bathroom vanity:

The square bathroom vanity comes with a lot of storage options. Cabinets and drawers are an essential part of any bathroom. With a square bathroom vanity, you can avail this option. Similarly, it is both practical and spacious. A square washbasin in a countertop with base cabinets is a perfect combination. Therefore, these are more practical than the round vanities.

7. Rectangular bathroom vanity:

These vanities are also spacious because of their shape. A rectangular vanity gives more space to your bathroom than other styles. However, they can be lengthy but manage a lot of your stuff. A rectangular sink looks unique and classy with long drawers and stuff. It is also a good storage choice.

8. Pedestal sink vanity:

A pedestal sink vanity does not have a storage unit. It comes separately. However, you may install the cabinets or drawers separately according to your requirement. This type of vanity is a suitable option for a bathroom with less space. They are simple but may not be that practical.

9. Free-standing vanity:

 Free-standing vanities are common in many homes. It consists of a sink with base cabinets that sit on the floor. The wall is there to give support to it. Like a pedestal vanity, this type of vanity also does not have a storage option in general. The open shelves might help you place your essentials. However, it does have some space for your toiletries. It comes in square or rectangular shapes. 

10. Makeup vanity:

This type of vanity consists of a sink, storage space, and a mirror above the surface. If you wish for more storage space to get ready in the morning, install a makeup vanity. Also, it is practical. A mirror cabinet adds space for your essentials. If your bathroom is a crowded one, install two sinks. As a result, getting ready in the morning becomes easy. 


Your bathroom does not have to be boring anymore. You can make it unique and practical by using wholesale vanities. Therefore, you can make a combination of sink, cabinets, and mirrors. Organizing your bathroom will help create a more spacious and pleasing atmosphere. It is all up to your personal preferences and taste in décor.

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