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10 Reasons Why Videoconferencing Helps Teams Work Better

neilmrwhite September 1, 2021

Video conferencing has become very popular these days. Tons of business owners have decided to switch to this form of meetings due to its efficiency and many advantages. Amongst many others, these are some of the best reasons why you should consider doing video conferencing in your business from now on.

Improves communication

One of the first and most important advantages of videoconferencing is the fact that it improves communication amongst employees. People are visual beings and as such, we process visual information a lot faster and in a more efficient way than information that is served via audio or text. So far, around 62% of executives have claimed that videoconferencing has managed to improve the communication in their company exactly due to this reason.

 No matter what kind of business you lead, communication is the key to success. Whether you are an already established company that has been running their business for years, or you are just starting out, working on your communication is very important if you want to achieve and maintain success of your business. On top of that, the current COVID-19 situation is making it really complicated to hold effective meetings and conferences in person, so video conferencing is a perfect option for maintaining contact and communication amongst your employees. You can use video conferencing to hold weekly meetings, monthly meetings, or even quick last minute meetings when you need to inform your employees about certain changes at work.

Helps build relationships 

Nothing can replace face-to-face meetings. This is where people get to know each other and create personal connections. You get to see people’s facial expressions, read their body language and hear them talk in person. However, what happens when people have to constantly travel to attend those meetings? There are certain meetings that are worth travelling for, but if it needs to be done repeatedly there are mora disadvantages than advantages.

Here is where video conferencing is very useful. Not only does it allow you to hold meetings with your employees whenever you need to, but it is actually a great replacement for in-person meetings. During the COVID-19 lockdown this replacement has been proven to be very effective in recreating the best possible face-to-face meetings many companies have had in a while. Video conferencing can help bridge the gap for the regular meetings you need to hold with your employees in order to keep the company running smoothly all while maintaining great communication. Plus, video conferencing creates a great personal connection amongst workers. Technology has improved so much over the past decades and now we are able to hold meetings with tons of people online and have things run as smoothly as ever.

Saves money

Believe it or not, incorporating video conferencing in your business can actually save you a lot of money. Video conferencing can offer a very effective replacement for face-to-face meetings while lowering the expenses for travelling. Not only do you not have to pay for constant travelling of your employee just so they could attend your meetings, but your options expand as well. Think about how many creative and talented people from all around the world you can hire and work with without any limits. You can work with people from many different cultural backgrounds that can bring new and fresh ideas into the company. You can make great connections all around the world simply because the technology allows you to work and partner with just about anyone from anywhere in the world. The options are endless and they are all at the palm of your hand. Use this opportunity wisely.

Saves time

Another great advantage of video conferencing is that it saves you a lot of time too. First of all, when you cut the time your employees waste on travelling to get to the meeting, you already saved some time. They can just log in from the comfort of their home office and be in the meeting within seconds. This can also allow you to hold meetings more frequently and gather your employees last minute if it is urgent. If you think about it, no matter where you are you can always hold meetings without any limitations. All you need is a good working Wi-Fi and any device that can allow you to log in to your platform. It can be your laptop, tablet, phone, or a computer. It is simple as that.

Streamlines collaboration

There are tons of apps that allow you to use features like chats, file sharing and video calling for free. Apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, and others are all great platforms where you can stay in touch with your employees and hold meetings. Not only can you chat and send files but you can also make appointments for the video calls. In addition to that, there are extra helpful features there such as screen sharing that allows you to share your screen with all of the participants in the video call. That way, you can easily present a new project or a task you are working on.

Improves efficiency

By using all of these effective features such as screen sharing, real-time collaboration, chatting, video calling, you are essentially improving the efficiency of your meetings. Everything is easily done with just a few clicks, everyone can attend the meeting no matter where they are, and you are all able to hear and see each other through your screens no matter what device you use. You save money and time and you can hold meetings even more frequently than usual. All of this contributes to improvement of the efficiency of your meetings.

Increases productivity

By using video conferencing, you are making it easy for people to collaborate on documents they are working on in real time. You don’t need to bother with connecting more than two email chains. You don’t have to struggle looking for lost emails. This can create confusion and waste your precious time which as a result can negatively impact your team’s productivity.  It’s all simple and easy when you are all using one platform and all your documents are in one place. Everyone gets to collaborate and be productive in one space.

When you’re able to just hop on a call and collaborate with all of your employees at the same time and in real time, you are allowing everyone to have their voices heard and all of the feedback gets received immediately. All of the questions get answered within seconds. Anything that may cause confusion can be cleared up quickly and easily. It just makes communication within the team a lot easier and quicker which can boost and improve the productivity of everyone working on a project.

Makes scheduling meetings easier

Scheduling regular meetings can be a nightmare, especially if a lot of your workers have to travel. It can be a real challenge to find the time that works for everyone and organise the meeting on time. Finding the right place and time can be tough as well as making sure that everyone can be there. However, with video conferencing, people can join the meeting no matter where they are. They can be sitting in their bedroom, in a cab, a café, airport, or hotel room. No matter where they are, they can just log in and join the video call as long as they have a stable Wi-Fi connection. This will make it easier to organise and hold meetings whenever you need them.

Creates consistent, accurate records

Firstly, by being able to hold meetings more regularly, you will be able to keep track and records of your progress and what’s happening. Not only that, but also being able to look back on what you discussed during the meeting is a lot easier with video conferencing. Your meetings can be transcribed and all the information you need is neatly organised in one space and on one platform where you can browse through the main points made in the meeting and use them for future reference. It is just a way more organised way of keeping records.

Enables live events

Lastly, no matter how many people you want to connect with, video conferencing can make it easy for you. You can connect with a single client, a smaller team, or the entire staff via video conferencing. This method allows you to share your message virtually with anyone who can join the video call. The options are versatile when you use video conferencing. You can hold regular meetings, panel discussions, product launches, webinars, and other events for the audience no matter where in the world they are.


All things considered, video conferencing seems to have many great advantages. It can save you a lot of money and time. You can easily connect with anyone no matter where they are. It increases the productivity and efficiency of the meetings, and it offers versatile options. These are some of the main reasons, why you should consider using video conferencing for your meetings and other business events.

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