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10 Ways Creative Writing Makes Students Productive and Motivated

felix peter August 23, 2021

Are you tired and do not understand why your instructor keeps giving creative writing assignments?  Do not worry. This article discusses 10 ways creative writing makes students productive and motivated.

  1. Creative writing enhances the learning process

Creative writing does not mean just writing about anything. Your instructor directs you to focus on specific literary works and ideas. This includes personal statement writing among other papers needed in colleges and universities.

Creative writing will offer you alternatives to traditional discussions of literature pieces. When you discuss a novel with other students, you will know the motivations and features behind the main characters.

Creative writing helps to appreciate literature. If you try to write anything in your style, you will understand and analyze any part of the literature discussed in class.

Do not limit creative assignments to book reviews and essay writing. Look for an opportunity to learn new information through writing creative pieces.

  • Writing encourages creativity

To be successful beyond the classroom, you need to develop a creative mindset. Getting equipped with specific skills is not valuable as it was in the past.

Creative writing helps in developing your problem-solving skills. To narrate a story persuasively, you must put the characters into controversial situations and know how to deal with them. It also helps in personal in improving personal relationships. For example, analyzing characters’ relationships can help you relate well with your classmates or solve a problem at home.

  • Creative writing develops your intellect

Creative writing might be challenging and complex but welcomes intellectual development. It involves coming up with artistic and literary forms by combining imagination, language, and intellectual skills. Through creative writing, you can acquire neural growth.

If you are creative, you must be intelligent. Think about geniuses like Beethoven and Einstein. They were inventive, imaginative, and curious. They kept journals and noted down concepts and ideas regularly. To be an intellect, you should write down ideas daily.

  • Creative writing makes students goal-oriented

If you are creative, you should focus on your goals. Know exactly what you want, record it clearly and visualize it regularly. You should also imagine how you want your future to be and work hard towards achieving what you want.

If you set learning goals, you are likely to enjoy motivation and learning benefits. Understanding what you want gives you a clear picture and guides you on how to act to achieve it. This provides short term motivation and long-term vision.

Keeping a journal will make you successful. This helps in highlighting your goals and the steps you need to take. It allows you to track your progress and modify the methods needed to accomplish your set goals.

  • Creative writing leads to self-growth

 Self-growth and transformation are important in the life of human beings. Continuous writing can lead to self-awareness in a great way. This leads to self-growth.

Creative writing also helps you to grow as a writer by improving your writing skills. Just choose the genre you feel comfortable with. It could be poetry, fiction, non-fiction creative writing among others.

  •  Healthy competition

When your instructor gives a creative writing assignment like writing the best ethical argument topics, every student wants to be the best. As a result, everyone will research to come up with the best paper. Competing in class is a healthy activity that makes students work hard to excel in their studies.

  •  Responsibility

Creative writing helps to build a community and gives you a sense of motivation. It helps students see assignments as a privilege instead of a burden of work. You work hard to ensure you meet the expectations of your instructor.

  • Creative writing helps students to work together

When your instructor gives a tough assignment, you are likely to consult your classmates. This helps in solving problems and doing projects as a group.

Social interaction with other classmates can motivate everyone to reach their set goals and objectives.  Instructors should ensure that group works in class are fair and balanced. With this, some students will not have to do more work than others.

  •  Overall success

Creative writing can help students succeed in school. It makes education more fun leading to more engagement. Boring studies can result in students failing in examinations.

  1. Helps instructors give feedback

Through creative writing, an instructor can access the knowledge of students and help them. Many students do not know their creativity levels until they get feedback from their instructors. Those who need to improve their writing skills are helped to get to their goals.

To sum up

If your instructor gives you a lot of creative writing assignments, do not feel offended. It is all for your benefit. This article has highlighted 10 ways creative writing makes students productive and motivated.

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