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11 Best Door Locks of 2020

locksmithsecurityseattle August 2, 2020

Have you ever wondered what a smart lock is? They are the safest locks that exist, since you do not need a key to open the door. With your fingerprint or a security code you can enter your home without any problem. You will no longer have to worry about the security of your house from the main door, on which we must choose a good door with which to start protecting ourselves. 

  1. Best Nuki + Bridge Wifi Smart Lock compatible with Airbnb

The Nuki Smart Lock is a complete smart lock with state-of-the-art technology that offers us a series of possibilities in terms of comfort, security and access to our home.

You no longer need to be at home to open the doors to your guests, family or service employees as this wireless lock allows you to open and close your door from a distance simply with your mobile phone.

  1. Intelligent Motorized Lock ENTR Tesa Assa Abloy ENTRT603035

The Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR motorized lock is another lock that offers us a powerful combination of innovation and technology with solid mechanical hardware to offer you the maximum security that you and your family need.

According to Locksmith Seattle, this smart lock allows you to access your home from the phone using Bluetooth technology.

  1. Invisible Bluetooth Lock WAFU WF-010U

Now changing a little the way to offer security, we have the Wafu WF-010U invisible lock, a lock that does not need to be attached to the door cylinder but offers maximum security for the home.

This invisible smart lock works as a second security alternative , since you can continue using your traditional door lock with your usual mechanical key, and alternatively you can use your Wafu invisible lock to reinforce the security of our home or office.

  1. Exterior Smart Electronic Lock Samsung SHS-2920

Most technology companies are betting heavily on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Samsung, the world leader in technology products, could not make the exception.

This electronic lock allows not everyone to enter your house, giving only access to people who have their card already programmed or have access to the door key.

  1. ZKTeco AL20DB Digital and Biometric Wifi Lock

With its long history in smart security devices, the Zkteco Company provides us with a series of smart locks that will make our homes a much safer place.

The Zkteco AL20DB biometric lock is a fingerprint lock that offers you everything in one device. Different access routes and most importantly a lot of security

  1. Tesa Assa Abloy ENTRKIT1T603035 Motorized Smart Lock

With an elegant design that can be adapted to any door model as it is available in various sizes, making installation easier. A lock that is capable of securing on its own and an encrypted Wireless communication system which makes it extremely secure at all times. The ENTR system allows operation without the need for cables that are a nuisance for the user. 

  1. Smart Electronic Lock Lock

An elegant lock design that allows the lock without using keys, this thanks to its system that works by Bluetooth and through a mobile application that offers, in addition to everything, constant monitoring which provides greater security. It has a secure numeric keypad, easy to clean and resistant to different climates and temperatures. A plus is its easy installation since it does not require the services of a professional. 

  1. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Keyless Door Lock 

A completely modern lock that has been specially designed not to be detected. Completely replacing the use of the key and instead implements electronic methods such as the use of a mobile application to activate its four lock and unlock modes.

  1. Yale 0503130006011 

Of course, maybe your door is glass and does not accept a normal smart lock. Well, with this Yale lock your headaches will be over. Plus, with just a pin or an RF card, you’re in full control. It has a false pin as a security method for those people who learn our pin. It also has an integrated alarm on high temperatures, alerting you if there is a fire at home.

  1. Remock Lockey Pro

This lock does not replace your own at home, but complements it. We can manage it all the time from our mobile phone. We can also authorize people to enter our house, notifying us at all times who enters and who leaves the house.

  1. Codelocks 0155 SG 

It is one of the cheapest on the market, but at the same time one of the safest. It is not adaptable to all doors, so you must first check if it is compatible, and the installation is carried out by a locksmith. This is why it is so cheap. It includes an alarm function if you try to force, and is made of a stainless material.

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