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2020 Web Development Trends That Are Here To Stay

michealanderson January 22, 2020

Web Development is actually a broad term related to all aspects of website designing for intranet and the internet. It has many features like web design, web content marketing, network security and others. Nowadays every Web Development Company looks into the broad side of development and focuses on creating new trends every day. These companies aim to stay updated as to what is happening today but actually look into tomorrow.

Web Development with passing years is undergoing rapid changes. Do you know what are the most important and bang on trends that the best Python development company in India is following in 2019?

2019 Web Development Trends

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): They are an open source project designed to improve website content and server loading. They improve site speed and is supported by all kinds of search engines and social media sites. They can be challenging while implementing but once done they keep you ahead of the competition.
  • SPA (Single Page Application): They load all other content with the help of JavaScript but themselves are single web pages. They save your time from those extra page reloads. It showcases the content in just one page in a single and straightforward manner. For such websites. WordPress development is the most recommended option.
  • Customer Service And Online Support: Many websites and online stores lose customers because they do not have a well-defined customer support system. It is essential that every website has a customer care center, it can be anything from live chats, email is to phone numbers. There should be a place where customers and users can leave their queries and doubts. It also showcases a good image of your company when you answer customer doubts and questions.
  • Notifications: Notifications can be a crucial point when it comes to driving website traffic. If you want to convey any message, sudden weather changes or something else you can do that with the help of push notification tool. Again keep your website simple. Simple does not mean boring, keep it invested with more content with the help of search engine optimization. It helps you with content and management strategies.
  • Visuals And Motions: Animated UI can make your website look completely different. Visuals play a very important role when it comes to attracting customers. Not only do they give the product description but real life images of the product with high resolution. The best web development company in India helps you with headers, tools and background animation which makes your website stand out among others.
  • Functional Programming: It is a software based on principles which are fundamental in nature. They include composing pure functions, mutable data, and others.
  • Web Apps: Everyone uses mobile phones nowadays. Its use is increasing day by day. Most of the customers do their shopping or transactions on their phone only. Therefore you should have a website which is mobile compatible as well. Web pages would, therefore, remain a trend this year.

New frameworks, apps and user expectations are changing web development every day. No matter what you work for, a good e-commerce development company in India will help you stay ahead.

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