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3 things you need to know before you start online learning

felix peter September 8, 2021

Research shows that online learning has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. This teaching and learning strategy has become a centric technique to prevent the spread of covid 19. Online learning has mitigated the barriers of physical learning.

In cases where the learner cannot access the classroom due to other commitments like work, transport challenges, parenthood, etc., online learning is the new boom. The learner can access assignment websites to get their assignment done.

This article will enlighten you on 3 things you need to know before you start online learning. They include the following;

Benefits of online learning

It is necessary for the learner to understand the benefits they stand to gain when they engage in online learning. Such benefits include;

  1. Online learning is cost-effective

You incur a lot of expenses such as training costs, instructor fees, travel costs, and food expenses with class learning. Online classes save you the expenses since you attend them at the comfort of your home.

The initial cost of buying a phone, laptop, computer, or tablet is high but the rest of the process is cheap. This is because you may not be required to buy books since e-books and Microsoft word for writing notes serve the purpose.

2. It is environmentally friendly

With your gadget and proper internet connection at your comfort, will get lead of noise pollution, physical distractions, and traveling. This will enable you to enjoy online learning. A comfortable environment, however, enhances your performance in your studies.

3. Engage students at a deeper level

Online learning enables flexibility along with other commitments. Students study under less pressure which makes studies interactive and enjoyable.

4. Quick method of learning

Online learning improves the student’s learning speed by 40%. This nurtures the student into an employee who can deliver results on time, which is a qualification for job positions. The learner can write an admission essay and get started with quick courses to acquire professional certifications.

Challenges you are likely to encounter during online learning

It is vital for a student to know the challenges they are likely to encounter in the course of adopting online learning. This will help them develop countermeasures for effective performance.

1. Inability to focus on the screen

The student is likely to face the focus problem due to eye irritation when exposed to screen light for a long. Other hindrances to focus include physical distractions such as noise, motion, and social media.

2. Poor internet connections

A poor internet connection can hinder the continuity of studies. The learner finds it difficult to understand the information channeled online when the internet is breaking.

3. Sense of isolation

Online learning does not give adequate opportunity for interaction between students and teachers. It, therefore, leads to loneliness during learning, unlike physical classes which offer chances for social interaction.

4. Online learning does not suit all kinds of study units

A course may consist of study units that require in-person attendance due to their nature such as practical. Some practicals require apparatus to be handled in a specific condition under control. This will make it infeasible to conduct online studies.

5. Lack of motivation

Online students feel demotivated because they feel there is no competition. The learner is isolated and there is no figure like other students or teachers who make them be active in their studies.

What makes a successful online learner

1 Ability to communicate through writing

In virtual classes, nearly all communication is written. The learner should be able to express their ideas through writing.

2. Be self-motivated and self-disciplined

To keep up with the processes, the student needs commitment and discipline. Discipline is the tool to manage freedom and flexibility in the online environment. It is the discipline that will help you to focus on your studies and ignore social media, games, and music during online classes.

3. Have time management skills

The learner is in an advantaged position if they can manage time. Online learning is time-bound. Assignments and tasks should be handed on time. Time management skill enables you to meet goals at the end of the lesson.

4. Prepare for studies 10 minutes prior to classes

Online learning requires the learner to be adequately equipped before classes begin. This will prevent confusion and enhance the organization. The learner can concentrate and consistently keep up with the study process.

5. Take notes

Taking notes during online classes is a gesture of a good student. Like physical classes, online learning requires the student to take notes for future reference and to enhance understanding.

6. Have accountability

An accountable learner is responsible for their own actions. The teacher should not have to remind you to do your assignments or attend lessons. You have to take charge of your studies.

7. Be conversant with technology

Online learning involves the use of technology to do all your academic operations. You write your reports and upload them online, you do research, access assignments, attend virtual classes, and have discussions. The knowledge of how to use technology will enhance smooth online learning.

Final remark

Online learning requires learners to understand the requirements and benefits to help them weigh how much they expect. Understanding the challenges will help you to cope with different situations.

Commitment, time management skills, self-discipline, and self-motivation are vital skills for online students. Other qualities of online learners are such as; being up to date with academic issues, following the classes strictly, doing assignments on time, among others.

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