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3D Estimator – A Game-Changing Tool in the Metal Building Industry

PerryFranco December 22, 2020

Imagine being able to see the customizations to your metal building as you think of them. Maybe you want a roll-up door on the rear, a large window facing the West, and gables to protect your landscaping from the runoff during a storm. How convenient would it be to see those changes on your screen with the simple click of the mouse?

Unlike traditional buying methods that forced metal building buyers to use their imaginations or spend hours searching for images that even slightly resembled the design they had in mind, 3D Estimators give you the opportunity to see your building take shape in real-time. That’s right—you don’t have to close your eyes and pretend; you can actually see the customization of your metal structure as it happens.

The advantages of this tool are obvious. Not only does seeing your building evolve help you determine what features you want and where you want them, but it also gives you a customizable quote that can be used to refine your design until it is perfect and within budget.

When you are searching for your dream steel building, you no longer have to make compromises or hold your breath and hope. Instead, you can work with a brand like Steel Building Empire that stays on the cutting edge of technological advances to bring you incredibly useful tools like the 3D Estimator.

This commitment to modernization and to bringing you the best, most recent conveniences in the industry is what differentiates Steel Building Empire from the competition. Steel Building Empire strives to provide you with the best, most streamlined experience possible and invests in the resources to ensure that’s exactly what you receive.

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