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BAnudesigns December 23, 2020

PayPal Holdings is an American based company operating in most countries as an online payment method that not only supports online financial transactions but also provides an easy alternative to various traditional payment methods like checks and drafts. PayPal, an online payment company, acts as a payment processor for many online vendors and different commercial users. Paypal money provides various benefits to its users like one-click transactions, password memory, credit card security, online auction, etc. It also charges a fee for all these benefits it provides to its users.

PayPal was founded in December 1998  by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Yu Pan, and Elon Musk. It has its headquarters and operative center situated in the US. With serving almost worldwide.

Well in today’s time everything is online and it is worth your time. Now, most people prefer working from home as it is productive and time-saving which has also led to the rapid demand for cloud computing. Today there is the use of computing infrastructure as a service because it is the need of the current times and with all these things going around if you can still earn free money and rewards without even doing any surveys, of course, everybody would like to get it. Especially in the time of the current pandemic going on all over the world, when there is an urgent requirement only for medical facilities and safety types of equipment like masks and other varieties of personal protective equipment (PPE) for protection against this pandemic called COVID-19.  All other things have become secondary. Many people have already lost their jobs and those who have not are at a stake as well.

So in such a scenario if you can earn for free online through PayPal everybody would prefer that. Yes, you read it right it is possible to earn free online money without any service through PayPal money. There are various options available for online payment methods but talking about Paypal money provides you a chance to earn free online money without even taking ayu surveys.

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So are you also willing to earn free Paypal money online but it might be possible that you may have no idea about how to do it? So don’t worry this article is exactly for you. As here are some easy ways to earn PayPal money online(without doing any surveys).


Topcashback is one of the best and most used programs to earn free PayPal money online. Around 4000 stores and retailers are using PayPal to earn free online money in the United States. Topcashback is a simple method to earn online PayPal money. All you need to do is sign up and start shopping from the site.

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Earning PayPal money is an easy process, it automatically credits your earned cashback to your account enabling you to avoid the hassles like uploading receipts, etc. There are various payment methods involved in PayPal money like PayPal gift cards, direct bank transfers, etc.  Another important benefit of top cashback work earning online PayPal money is that you can also withdraw your money starting from $1.


Another way to earn online money through PayPal is Paribus. This is an interesting and widely used method to earn online money. You might be thinking about how Paribus works. It is not a very complex procedure. Paribus just monitors the prices online and as and when there is a drop up in the price of the product purchased it refunds the difference at the very moment.

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Not only this but Paribas also helps you to get a refund of your shipping cost in case the product purchased is shipped late than expected by the buyer resulting in the late arrival of the product which may lead the buyer to suffer any loss. Many times Paribus refunds are processed using the Paypal means of payment. Another advantage of Paribus is that there is no minimum payout threshold you can get paid whatever you are supposed to. Parivar has saved Shoppers more than $29 to date.


Inbox Dollars is one of the very popular market research panels in the United States. It is operated by Prodega, LLC. the company running Swagbucks. However, inbox dollars was earlier owned by  Cotterweb Enterprises  Inc.

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Inbox Dollars have many benefits like it is free to join and you can get paid to read email redeem coupons, watch TV, play games, and whatnot. It is liked by the people so much that today they have more than $59 million paid members. Its minimum payout threshold limit is $30 meaning you can cash your amount as soon as your account balance reaches $30 the mode of payment for inbox dollars can either be Paypal or gift cards.


Picture Courtesy: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very popular reward site that lets you earn money just to play games, watch videos online, browse the internet, etc. Nowadays Swagbucks is also considered a Paypal money generator as it provides so many ways to and to its uses for example in February 2020 members were paid over $404 million by Swagbucks. Now you might think how this works but it is just for your knowledge the process is not a complex one to online paper money through Swagbucks the members just need the points known as Swagbucks or SBs which they can, later on, redeem for Paypal cash and various gift cards. Another plus point that attracts the users towards Swagbucks to earn online PayPal money is that whenever you create an account on Swagbucks you get an extra $5 as a welcome greeting which can be redeemed by the members instantly.

Picture Courtesy: There are quite easy tasks that you need to perform to earn money on Swagbucks which neither require any prior experience nor much time to be completed. You can cash your money earned on Swagbucks through PayPal or gift cards and other methods as well. Swagbucks minimum threshold payouts start at 300 SBs which means $3. To earn Paypal money you can cash out $30 for 3000 SBs.

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