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4 Key Tips to Consider Before Buying Air Conditioning System

kiarawaylen December 2, 2021

A good AC is the only respite from the sweltering heat. There are different types of air conditioning systems available in the market. Those who are planning to buy one, or replace the old one with a new one will get a lot of benefit from this article. This brief guide is going to highlight the key factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to buying a good AC for your place.

Important points to consider when buying an air conditioning system:

1. Types of AC:

The market is flooded with umpteen options, and when you are going to invest a good amount in the AC, then you must choose an option that best matches your requirement. Some of the common options that you have are:

  • Window AC
  • Tower AC
  • Split system
  • Ducted system

While the split system has become a popular choice for residential use. A big home have a larger area cover; the ducted heating system proves beneficial. The ducted system will give you better control over maintaining the temperature of the house.

2. Consider investing in a reverse cycle system:

When you are all set to buy the air conditioning system, your concern should also be on investing in a multifunctional system. The best part about this system is that it does the function of both heating and cooling. Also, when you compare the running cost, then it is not much of a difference compared to a regular system. So, the best move would be to invest in a system that can guarantee heating and cooling.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

3. The capacity of the air conditioning system:

The next important factor that you need to consider is the capacity of the system. The capacity or the size of the air conditioning system is eventually going to impact the efficiency of the system to cool the room. Hence, you must choose the right sized air conditioning system. The following chart is going to be helpful in making the right decision.

Size of the room Capacity of the AC
Room up to 20 square meter 2-2.5kW
20 square meter- 40 square meter 2.5- 5kW
40 square meter- 60 square meter 4- 6 kW
60 square meter- 80 square meter 5- 7 kW
More than 80 square meter 6-9 kW

So, when buying the system, make sure that you check the room size and then choose the right kind of AC. Remember, buying a smaller capacity AC will be a waste as it will not cool the room effectively, and if you invest in a large-sized AC, it will have a shorter cooling cycle, which will make your room too cold. To avoid this condition, you must choose to invest in the right-sized air conditioner.

4. Look for additional features:

Get ready to invest in the AC, you must also look for a more advanced system. This will give you better control over the temperature. At the same time, it also ensures value for money. For example, you can look for features like a human presence sensor, Wi-Fi enabled, a timer to shut down automatically, air purifying and more. However, you must note that the cost, in this case, is going to increase. So, it’s always good to pen down the features you are looking for and then start the search.

Concluding thoughts

These are some of the key options that you must take into account when buying the AC. Make sure that you do not ignore them. Always shortlist a few options, compare the features and consisting before making the final call. Air conditioning systems have become an important accessory for every household.

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