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4 reasons to enrol your drivers in Safety Classes in Toronto

Sandeep February 20, 2018

According to statistics, 2 million people were injured as a result of motor vehicle incidents in 2014. In 2017 motor vehicle accidents caused the death of 18,689 people.

People take Driver Safety classes or enrol their employees into these programs not only because of accident prevention, but also because of many other reasons. In this article, we shall learn about 4 main benefits of enrolling in a Driver Safety Class.

You can learn from highly experienced and qualified drivers

When you go to Driver Safety Classes in Toronto or if you have enrolled your employees there, the result would be the same. The students at these driving schools become calm and confident drivers by the end of the training who is not fazed by anything the road has to dish out. In other words, they are full of calm confidence, due to which they stress less, are distracted less and therefore there is a minuscule chance of them being involved in any sort of road mishap. One of the main reasons is because the teachers at the driving schools are highly experienced, certified and dedicated professional drivers. As such, they are most influential on the students and instill on them various skills necessary to survive out on the road.

Advanced driving and safety skills

There is a difference between basic and advanced Safety Classes in Toronto. In the basic courses you are only taught only taught preliminary skills like driving the vehicle, recognizing traffic signals, maneuvering the vehicle and much more. In the advanced ones you are taught much more. For instance, you may be taught how to overtake a vehicle when you are strapped for time safely and without breaking traffic rules. But more importantly, you are taught advanced safety lessons. For instance, you are taught how to drive in bad weather conditions or in various unfavorable conditions. You are taught how to drive on safely without skidding on icy roads or how to keep driving safely when the brakes are jammed or locked. You are also taught how to recover your vehicle in various unfavorable and legal situations according to the law.

Learn how to handle distractions

Nowadays, drivers have to deal with a lot of distractions while driving. One may have to pay attention to a cell phone call, juggle between keeping watch on the road and on the GPS tracker, driving when there is a loud music in the vehicle, and much more. These lessons can be life savers. If you are not distracted and more controlled, there is virtually no chance of having an accident.

Driving training update skills

Driving rules and even vehicle models change over time. Think of the driving wheel as a click. Now, earlier drivers would keep their hands on the steering wheel on 10 and 2 o’ clock positions for increased safety. But now, research and experience has shown that the ideal steering hand position is at 9 and 3 o’clock positions. Thus, attending Driver Safety Classes update your skills considerably.

Thus, you have seen that there are many essential benefits in attending driver Safety Classes in Toronto. Alongside this, you may also wish to take Dot drug tests in Ontario for drivers.

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