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4 Tips for Eco-Friendly Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Alex Mahone March 14, 2019

One of the best ways to keep your rugs and carpets as clean as possible is opting eco-friendly methods. Eco-friendly methods are easy to learn and perfect for removing stains, smell, or any other kind of damage. Using the eco-friendly rug cleaning NYC not only keep your rugs clean but make your environment eco-friendly too. One great way that you can opt is doing the cleaning yourself and using the DIY’s to ensure healthy cleaning. But if you want to hire the professionals, then ask them to keep these things given below in mind to have a safe and healthy environment and carpet cleaning as well.

1. Avoid Harsh and Chemical Based Cleaning Products

It is an advantage that you can visit the supermarket and choose from a wide range of cleaning products. It feels very good to have the choice to buy stain removers, carpet cleaning products, and many more of your choice. Isn’t it great? But now it is also your responsibility to get the products that are not harmful to both your family as well as to your carpets. As health is more important than flooring. So, save yourself from these hassles and go with eco-friendly home cleaning methods.

2. Make your DIY Bleach

Sometimes, the variety of bleaching products available in the market might contain harmful ingredients that can either harm your family or can damage your carpet fibers or fabrics. So, instead of this, you can make your DIY bleach at home ensuring safe cleaning. For this, you will need a ⅓ cup of lemon juice and combine it with 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide. Then either add 10drops of lemon or lavender oil and mix them thoroughly. This perfect mixture will work well with any spots or stains on your carpets or can also be used for removing the bathroom spills also.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is obvious that buying carpet cleaning machines can be more affordable than to hire professional services every time. Buy the natural cleaning products also along with the machine. This machine will first activate the solution with hot water and then will spray the products on the carpet. Afterward, a wet-vac in that machine itself dries up the solution. This method is recognized to be a great option to revive the carpets and keeping them new with spot cleaning and vacuuming.  

4. Understand the Fabric

Before starting with the carpet cleaning or buying the products for it, it is important to know about your carpet fabric. There are a variety of carpets that only requires vacuuming, steam cleaning, and spot cleaning. Sometimes, there are the carpets which are to be cleaned only with the products recommended by the manufacturer. Although every carpet requires deep cleaning or professional cleaning once a year, there are some high-quality oriental rugs also that needs only professional care. They cannot be cleaned with the help of DIYs or any other homemade methods.

Why spend on toxin products and harm your family when you have the choice of eco-friendly and natural cleaning products. Looking for professional services for carpet cleaning NYC? Then look no further as we are a specialized carpet cleaning company that delivers 100% satisfactory services at affordable prices. Enjoy the best cleaning solutions with us.

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