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4 Unique Ideas to jazz up your wedding

alinabeths April 14, 2021

People often remember weddings through experiences. Human beings don’t usually remember the date or year of the wedding they have been to, but they retain the decorations, food, drinks, and overall ambiance. So, to make your wedding an unforgettable event for everyone, you need to go creative with the decorations.

Choosing wedding decorations that suit your personality, theme, and budget is a never-ending and challenging task. Many people are clueless about what type of wedding decorations they need, resulting in a total flop show. So, it would help if you had at least an idea of the wedding decorations you want.

You should do your research online and take inspiration from the web before Unique Wedding Decorations for Rent Tulsa, OKYou can choose to buy the decorations if you can reuse them later. Some unique ideas can transform your wedding into an unforgettable good memory for you and your guests.

4 Ideas to Jazz up the wedding

  1. Light it up with string lights

If you plan a reception in the evening, then string lights can do the magic. You can hang the string lights on the ceiling to give a romantic and starry effect to your venue. You can also mix and match the string lights with light letters and candles to create a chill and fun atmosphere.

String lights are the trendiest wedding decor for 2020 and 2021. You cannot just neglect those. If you have an outdoor wedding, you can wrap the string lights on the trees and branches to achieve a whimsical ambiance.

  1. Create a lounge area

You can set up a lounge area for your guests and give them a chance to get cozy and enjoy. You can have a set of mismatched chairs, couches and even use the furniture at the venue. You can throw in some blankets and pillows to let people relax for a bit at the party.

It is one of the best upcoming trends that people love to have at their wedding. The lounge arrangement gives the guests more chances to know each other and interact with each other.

  • Be creative with the centerpieces.

Centerpieces are a must at any wedding reception. These have always been a part of the wedding, whether it is a traditional or modern wedding. You can rent wedding centerpieces from Wedding Ceremony Centerpiece Rentals Tulsa, OK, or other places.

The good thing about centerpieces is that you can be as creative as you want to be with the centerpieces at your wedding. Unique Centerpieces can quickly grab your guests’ attention as they are present at every table. Few of the ways to be creative with the centerpieces are-

● Flower in the sand

Flower in the sand is the most creative and budget-friendly centerpiece idea. All you have to do is get an empty glass vase, fill it up with sand and put a big beautiful flower on it. The centerpiece looks gorgeous and will bring out the romance at the wedding.

● Pinwheel Bouquet

You can also go for pinwheel bouquets at the wedding. It is one of the best hacks for those who don’t want too many flowers at their wedding. All you need to rent is a glass jar full of pinwheels from Wedding Ceremony Centerpiece Rentals Tulsa, OK.

● Wooden Lanterns

It is not always necessary to have flowers of some kind as your centerpiece. You can also choose to go against the flower and select wooden lanterns for your wedding day. These centerpieces sit perfectly with an evening reception. The string lights and wooden lanterns with candles are the keys to a unique wedding reception.

  • A greenery wall for all

Instead of going for any other kind of backdrop, you can choose a greenery wall woodbox backdrop. The greenery wall can serve multiple purposes, like the entry sign, photo booth, or even seating arrangement.

You can use the greenery wall to display a seating arrangement. Then you can immediately remove the seating arrangement board and Voila. You can have a photobooth. Greenery walls can also be used to make statements, and you can mention the beliefs you stand for on the wall. There are various ideas on the web that you can look for to get an idea of how you want your wedding decor to look. You can choose to drape the ceiling or hang bio-degradable lanterns. You can also customize the cocktail tables and drinks. You can select Unique Wedding Decorations for Rent Tulsa, OK, based on your unique wedding decor.

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