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5 Advantages of Using a Ride-On Mower

seoexpert September 22, 2021

There are few boys toys that stir the heart, quite like the sight of a ride-on mower. It takes lawn care from a weekly drag to something you can look forward to.

But there are many advantages to a ride-on mower, beyond it being a lot more fun than a stand behind. Are these advantages enough to make a ride-on mower your next purchase?

Read on for 5 advantages of a ride-on move to convince you!

1. Cover Lots of Ground

If you’ve got a big yard with a large lawn, a ride-on lawnmower is a no-brainer.

How big is big? Start thinking about a ride-on mower if you’ve got an acre or more. An acre is about 3/4 the size of an American football field.

That’ll take you about 40 minutes to cut with a ride-on mower – assuming that your lawn is as flat as a football field. We’re guessing it’s probably not, but it will take about 2.5 times as long with a push mower!

2. Saves You Effort

As well as covering lots of ground in a shorter time, a ride-on mower is also a lot less effort. Yes, it does get tiring after a while. There are still plenty of vibrations coming through from the engine.

But if you’re getting older or your mobility is somewhat limited, this is one of the major ride-on mower benefits. There are also versions on the market with the agility to handle precise cutting around trees and shrubs.

Hate pushing your lawnmower up hills? Get yourself the best riding mower for hills, and your days of drudgery will be behind you!

3. Range of Attachments

The best lawnmowers out there do more than just cut grass. You can find attachments for ride-on mowers that allow you to scatter grass seed, dethatch lawns, and even plow snow!

Many of them will bag the clippings. Some have mulching attachments.

4. All-Terrain Vehicle

OK, not quite all-terrain, but a ride-on mower is a lot more forgiving than a push mower.

Depending on the model you choose, they can handle the rough ground and uneven terrain. Some can even handle banked areas and can work at a 45° angle.

5. Go On and On

With a modern battery or petrol lawnmower, you are limited by the amount of charge of petrol in the tank. These are often quite limited, and you’ll need to stop regularly to swap out batteries or refuel.

You’ll still have to refuel a ride-on lawnmower from time to time, but they have a much larger fuel capacity. This gives you a longer run time without disruptions.

Time to Get Your Ride-on Mower

A ride-on mower is not just a lot of fun. It’s an awesome machine that makes a thankless task effortless. The average ride-on mower cost may be more than a push mower, but we don’t think you’ll regret it!

Looking for more hints and tips to keep your abode looking awesome? Head over to our Homes and Garden section today!

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