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5 Audio/Video Error Which You DON’T Want In Your PC

Walterrichards March 4, 2021

We use our operating system daily for different purposes and also at the same time we may face some troubles. Among those troubles, Audio/Video errors are among the most common issues faced by PC users. This encounter may happen due to many reasons like software related, plugins, broken audio jack, etc. In this article, let’s diagnose the errors of video/audio in your PC and discuss in detail how to fix them with easy steps.  

Here is the list of reasons for not working Audio/Video in an operating system.

· The broken audio jack

· System not updated

· Working with outdated audio drives

· Changes in settings of the audio

· May the stoppage of working video services

· The issue in the speaker/microphone of your device

· Malware attack or any other virus

· Other software/hardware is behind this problem  

These are the main reasons for facing audio/video errors in your personal computers. To fix all these troubles, some of the suggestions are mentioned below to crack them.

Check the audio connections: 

At first, check your PC is connected exactly to a working audio device headphone or earphone. In the next step, inspect the audio device and audio jack connections and, at the same time, be sure that the jack is not vandalized and the headphone cable is working. Further, give a check on whether the speaker is working properly or not and then connect the system to your audio device to listen to your audio. If you face any of the problems means, it should get repair within your system store to come out of this problem.

Check for the updates and Restart your system: 

If your PC is outdated, then it is one of the reasons to stop the operations of audio or video. To get rid of audio/video errors in your system, primarily have to go through the simplest methods. Updating and Restarting your system is recommended to get an expeditious result from this problem.

The other point to remember, if you updated your system recently may lead to face such types of issues. Then the solution is to restart your system as this will help you to function your PC normally like before. If you want to restart your computer, then just go to the start menu and give a click on the power button. It shows the options restart, update and restart, update, and shutdown. So, have a click on the update, and restart button, and the system will update and restart. Settings> update and restart.

Run the automatic audio/video troubleshoot:

If your operating system’s audio/video is not working, Microsoft provides you the easiest solution to solve this trouble. That is to troubleshoot it and to run the troubleshooter, just go to the settings to perform this activity. 

This procedure will assist you to look over all the audio/video settings and the audio drivers and video drivers that are installed on your PC. Even it will pop-up the window of the exact problem and also solve it within minutes. To follow this process, just go to the settings option, click on Troubleshoot, and then tap on the run the audio troubleshooter.

Check the Default input and output Audio:

For audio input and output services, we are supposed to select different options, and this will be a reason behind stopping the functioning of audio. So, the other simplest method is to check the default input and output audio of your system settings. In this step, you have to go to the settings and then sound. Next in the menu, please select the default output device. Be sure and the connected default device is functioning on your operating system suitably or not.

Review the present audio format:

The audio format is the most probable reason to stop the working of the audio of your computer. You can solve this issue with ease by changing the audio format. To do this, go to the system settings, click on sound, device properties, and advance device properties. Here, a pop-up window will be displayed on your screen with a message. 

In the pop-up window, go to the advanced tab and select the audio format that is compatible according to your computer. Generally, a 16bit audio format or a 24bit audio format is preferable and compatible with most of the device speakers. The steps to follow in clear, settings> Sound> Device properties> Advanced Device Properties.  

Update the Audio Drivers in your PC:

If you’re facing trouble with audio on your computer and want to fix this trouble, then you can follow this method. First of all, be sure that the audio drivers that are installed on your devices are updated. If your audio drivers are not updated, then please check the below-mentioned steps to update them, and you can easily get out of this audio error on your PC.

From the start menu, go to the device manager section and then expand for audio/video. On the screen, it displays a list of audio drivers that are installed on your device. So, here choose the audio driver and give a right-click to update the software.


Before going to fix 0xc00d36c4 error easily, just be aware of the issue and the reason behind it. This will let you give an exact solution to solve quickly and to work audio/video on your PC. From all the above steps, you can choose any one of them based on the problem of your operating system.

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