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[email protected] December 15, 2020


Today’s topic is about “5 BEST CAMPING DESTINATION IN MUMBAI”, But first of all, we know what is camping? then we came back to our topic. So, Camping is an outdoor recreational and fun activity where people try to spend time in the outdoors, and in more natural and open areas. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons, although summer is the preferred season. And camping has health benefits both physically and psychologically. Why camping is important for today’s generation of kids and peoples? It’s the best way to unplug us from the digital world, Greater group activity, healthy to get natural air and wake up naturally without any day-to-day stress, and many more.

Let explore 5 best camping destination in Mumbai. The Bollywood city is the city of dreams for common people and camping in the 5 best destinations in Mumbai can be a great experience for anyone. Mumbai’s street food, clubs, street lights, and fun places attract everyone. 

In Mumbai, there is a lot of camping destination within 120KM, and I’m selecting the best 5 which one will love the most. The first one is the Bhatsa Dam. Bhatsa Dam is located near the Shahapur, Thane district in the state Maharastra. It’s an earth fill and gravity dam on river Bhatsa. The camping site is called Bhatsa lake. The campsite is very much visited during the monsoon. Fishing, boating, star gazing, fishing, nature trails, and lots more activities facilities are provided there. It is located at a distance of 93 kilometers away from Mumbai city. You can enjoy the complete beauty during the monsoon as greenery attends its peak during the monsoon.

The second one is and my favorite Pawna Lake. Pawna Lake is an Artificial lake formed on the Pavana Dam across the river Pavana in the Puna District of Maharastra. It’s the best option for camping near Lonavala and Pune with a very light budget of RS 1300-2000. If someone is searching for one-night camping due to their busy schedule and he/she wants to enjoy all the natural beauty like green hills, lake and nature then Pawna lake is the best option for them is located at a distance of 117.3 kilometers from the city of dreams. You can even checkout Tikona fort during your camp journey.

Third but not least is Shirota Lake. It’s an unexplored camping site because of its poor transport facilities. Shirota Lake is 18KM far from Lonavala but the camping site is off-road and challenging to drive. If someone visits there in monsoon then they have to cross the Kataldhar waterfall. At night you must be experiencing a night trek to the nearest jungle of the campsite. It is located at a distance of 91 kilometers away from the city. If are a nature lover this camping destination is going to be the best campaign destination for you.

The fourth one is the Karnala. Karnala is 48Km away from Mumbai. If you are a hardcore campier then you think it’s a garden because here you found at least 150 species of native and 37 species of migratory birds. The Winter season is the time to visit Karnala. Camping, Acoustic Music Night, Tent pitching, Boating, Firewood cooking, Lake Swimming are some of the fun and camping activities one can do in this camp.

Fifth and last on my list is Tikona. Tikona is a secluded trekking and camping site AT- Kashing, Taluka Mulashi, Paud, Lonavala Road, Maharashtra. It’s 120Km away from Mumbai. You can visit here in all season except summer because of the warm temperature. This place can offer you a scenic view of the Sahyadris. If somebody wants solitude or rest from the day-to-day and monotonous life Tikona is the best place for them. Camping, Bonfire & Music, indoor and outdoor games are some fun activities one can do in this camp. it is easy to feel your heartbeats and nerves in the calm environment of this Tikona camp.

Camping is the best way to spend time with your family and friends in an open and natural place. Take a break from your boring schedule peeps and go for a camp to make yourself relax and calm. Pack your bags and ready steady go.

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