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5 Best Tourist Attractions In Tampa, Florida.

stevejohnson8285 November 8, 2020

As is true with the majority of metropolitan cities of similar dimensions, Tampa has its own fair share of things to see and do. However, because you will soon see, there are all types of attractions which you can not overlook in this city! From museums to historic sights and entertainment places, the city of Tampa boasts lots of things to do, and also the town brings in spades!

Together with all the other fantastic things going for this particular town, its lengthy list of attractions functions to truly place it on the map among the country’s most inviting cities! On hearing this, you might be wondering: what’s there to do in Tampa? Glad you asked! In the following guide, we’ll be studying a few of the most intriguing tourist attractions in Tampa, Florida.

5 Best Tourist Attractions In Tampa, Florida.

1. ZooTampa in Lowry Park

Who does not enjoy a fantastic visit to the zoo? With lots of exotic and domestic animals on screens, it is possible to spend hours and hours only perusing the paths and lands of ZooTampa in Lowry Park. On it is 63-acre grounds, you will discover creatures from all around the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America.

Another motive ZooTampa in Lowry Park is this appealing destination is due to its extensive conservation efforts. ZooTampa is conducted by the Lowry Park Zoological Society, which has programs that boost the conservation and breeding of rare species. This creates a visit to ZooTampa in Lowry Park an environmentally friendly appeal, and a few of those things you can’t overlook in Tampa!

2. Tampa Museum of Art

There are not many things in life simpler than fine artwork. With an extensive group of highly prized artwork bits, the Tampa Museum of Art is among the best places to experience this complex pleasure. From modern to contemporary paintings into glass sculptures, mythical exhibits, and historic Roman and Greek artifacts, the Tampa Museum of Art is among the greatest attractions in Tampa.

It is not only the memorial a house for a huge array of artwork, but the construction itself is a work of art! The building of the museum is mostly aluminum, glass, and concrete, giving the museum a feeling of elegance and nuance. It is a layout by Stanley Saitowitz that is meant to provide the museum the look of “a digital stone box sitting on a glass base” and it succeeds entirely. With all these things going for it, there is no wonder it’s but one of those things you can not miss! Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations to book the cheapest flights to Florida and make your vacations amazing.

3. Sacred Heart Catholic Church

If you are considering the spiritual culture of Tampa, then there’s not any greater location to immerse yourself in that culture compared to Sacred Heart Catholic Church. With stunning design and a reverent setting, there is no doubt this is going to be an interesting addition to any tour of the town of Tampa. Beneath the glorious marble decks and immaculate stained glass skylights, you are guaranteed to appreciate your trip!

What is more, the Sacred Heart Church is over 100 years old, also will be home to volumes of history. Built from the memory of the martyred Dominican friar Luis de Cancer, the church has become the middle of the catholic community in Tampa because its structure. If you’d like to see the church for mass, the church retains masses in 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:30 pm each sunday. Add it to a listing, it is among the very best things to see from Tampa!

4. Fort Foster State Historic Site

For people who like history, no location will be more intriguing compared to Fort Foster State Historic Site. With a realistic recreation of the first Fort Foster, this historical site is among the most interesting from the nation, possibly even the whole nation. The attraction includes periodic excursions through which you are able to find out the history of this fort as well as the conflicts where it played a part.

Throughout the Seminole Wars, Fort Foster has been built to defend a bridge across the Hillsborough River. Over the span of the whole battle, the fort served its function well in repelling lots of strikes from the Seminole country, permitting its defenders to successfully maintain their standing. In case you’ve got a wholesome interest in history, then add this place to a list of items to see from Tampa!

5. Busch Gardens Amusement Park

No listing of must-see attractions in Tampa is complete without mention of Busch Gardens. With an impressive collection of rides and immersive experiences, Busch Gardens has attractions for pretty much every single park goer and excitement seeker. From 70mph roller coasters to child-friendly kiddie rides, there’s enough here to keep even the most avid park attendee.

But that is not all Busch Gardens offers! The park is also home to acres and acres of jungle and savanna landscapes where exotic creatures roam their enormous expanses. Busch Gardens provides excursions of those savanna arenas and even integrates the savanna into among the exhilarating roller coasters. This makes it ideal for addition to this list of items that you have to see from Tampa!


These are only five of those attractive attractions that you may find in Tampa, and you will find dozens and dozens more to look at and research on your own! From amazing white sand beaches where you can recline in the sun as you unwind from a long week of work to nightclubs and casinos ideal for a day out with friends, this town has tons more enjoyable things to see and do.

In the event that you enjoyed reading about everything to watch from Tampa Florida, why don’t you take a peek at its housing industry? By calling one of the best realtors in Tampa FL, you can find a sense of the present housing market, and if you like how it seems, you could just end up moving there. With all these things to do and see, there is no doubt you will enjoy life in the gorgeous town of Tampa!

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