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5 Effective Time Management Tips for Leaders

John Paul December 14, 2020

Many things can keep a leader from focusing on prominent roles, like pushing the company forward or increasing sales. Time management is a crucial key that one looks for in a leader. A leader should be well-aware of how to organize his life and schedule everything properly.

Time management is not about doing several things in a day; instead, it is about having the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. One must be satisfied with the efforts he has put in to achieve the goals for his day.

Time management is an important skill for leaders. Most people think that time management is like managing time but it’s not correct. Managing time effectively is not about managing time instead it’s about managing yourself. Time is precious and we all have the same 24 hours each day, but how to utilize them is totally our call.

By using the correct time management technique one can improve the way he or she works, lock concentration by avoiding distractions. Although there are many tips you’ll find on the internet about managing your time more effectively here are 5 effective time management tips every leader should implement.

Prioritize Your Goals:

It is not possible for someone to complete everything asked of them in a day.  One must learn the art of prioritizing things of importance first.  Someone who knows how to manage his time effectively is Sam Mizrahi, a real estate developer and owner of Mizrahi Developments. During his career, he has learned certain strategies, including time-management, to gain success in the amount of a Sam Mizrahi Net worth of $200 million.

Be sure to make a list of items along with the deadline you need. The deadlines must be clear and achievable at the same time. At the end of the day, you can make a list of the things you finally completely off your prioritized goals list.

Dr. Jonathan Lotson, author of Effective Leadership: Top 10 Areas Every Christian Leader Should Consider When Moving Towards Effective Leadership can be a perfect example of a leader who worked hard to achieve his goals. Dr. Lotson had a mission to help others understand and realize what effective leadership can mean in their lives and organizations.

Be in control of your Email:

We all tend to make the mistake of replying immediately to every inbox we receive. It is necessary to deal with the temptation and resist ourselves from responding to email pop-ups. One must set a proper time for checking the mails and avoid checking it any other time. This way, destruction can be avoided.

Stop writing the same emails:

By the end of 3 months into the business, you pretty much have learned the email format and the formal message as well. Instead of typing the same message, again and again, it is best to keep it saved in the doc. file. One can now avoid wasting their time on the same email and invest it in something more valuable. A leader can even use auto-generated messages to reply to certain emails.

Make Use of the Calendar:

Most of us use the calendar to check the dates. However, there is more to it than just checking out the weekends. Leaders use a calendar to effectively schedule their appointment. If not an appointment, it can be a project or a task added up to the calendar. It makes the ideology of prioritizing the goals easier.

Avoid taking breaks:

If you have a hectic schedule and dealing with it is tough, it will be a great idea to avoid taking breaks. Instead of having lunch in the cafeteria, you can have it while traveling to a meeting. Similarly, different works can be completed during traveling rather than separately being done at the office.

Time management is an essential key that has helped several leaders be in the position they are today. It is all about determination and hard work, which adds up to consistency in time management.

However, it is important to value others time as well. Don’t run late in a meeting and try to be punctual.

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