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5 Features of a Split System Air Conditioner

melbournecooling March 10, 2021

When you leave home to go out on a hot summer day, the last thing you want is to return to an even hotter home. As one of the most popular and effective cooling systems, a split system air conditioner is perfect for medium to large spaces.

A split air conditioner allows you to cool a specific area at your convenience. With other units, such as condenser units and Evaporative air coolers, you must run the entire system to obtain a certain cooling level.

There are several great reasons to have a split system installation in Melbourne homes or offices. Firstly, the split AC units are energy-efficient because they have separate indoor and outdoor units. Moreover, split air conditioners have many other features that attract people to buy them and make them very popular.

Some of the key features of a split system are:

Easy installation

The benefits of a split system are that it does not require ducting, which saves the expense and time required to install a traditional split unit. Split system air conditioners are designed to look good in your home, blending in with your decor. For a fast, efficient installation, all the components can be installed on the roof directly or in a small external room.

No windows required

The split system air-con is a highly efficient device that requires no window to be installed – you can set it on the wall or in any space within the property.

We suggest you get the split system for those who don’t have a window to install an a/c unit.

Low Cost

Investing in a wall-mounted split system is one way to lower your energy costs without sacrificing comfort. The benefits of wall-mounted units far outweigh the cost. There’s no need to worry about adjusting or cleaning a ceiling unit like you would with an evaporative one. Installation is also very fast and easy with minimal disruption to the property; often, only a small hole needs to be cut into the wall. This saves you time and money.

Easy maintenance

Split systems are easy to maintain as they are simple to clean with just regular replacement of air filters. The low and easy maintenance feature is best for homeowners who are saved from the relentless job of frequent servicing and maintenance costs. Usually, it’s the air filters that require monthly cleaning or, at times, replacement. Even with the outdoor unit, homeowners need to keep the unit’s surroundings clean to ensure clean air-flow into the indoor space. 

Thus, it requires lesser air conditioner service houses, making it easy to maintain for homeowners and renters. 

Stylish and sleek design

The sleek design makes the split system more desirable as it adds to your home and offices’ beauty. The unit is divided into an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit does the main functioning, and the indoor unit throws out fresh air. 

Choose a split system air conditioner that matches your needs, that’s affordable to run, and makes your home comfortable all year round. Hire a qualified and experienced expert to provide the guidance, install or replace the unit as required, and carry out regular maintenance and servicing to ensure the operation is trouble-free.

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