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5 Hacks to Building a Robust Strategy Framework

michealanderson March 12, 2020

Business development should be a constant process at every organisation on the face of the earth. Or, how would you ever improve as a business entity that has to survive in the intensely competitive global market?

While there are numerous factors powerful enough to change the fate of your business, we are listing down the most impactful ones to be considered while drafting a strategy framework.

#1. Robust Business Relationships Always Help

A tendency to make meaningful business relationships should be of paramount importance to a business strategy leader. Some people find it meaningless these days. But, the fact of the matter is that it will never go out of vogue in the business development domain.

In the current scenario around business development, the common practice is to make every business-related interaction into a deal, or convert it into a business transaction. However, the ultimate goal must always be to build strong bonds and relationships.

How to Make Strong Business Bonds?

  • Network among your peers, talk to everyone in your industry you can, try to attend conferences that give you the opportunity to chat with industry experts.
  • Find common grounds to break into a conversation on a personal level with your industry friends.

#2. Social Media’s Role is Uncompromising

Ignoring the entire social media game being a strategist could prove to be disastrous in the long run. Eventually, your business will suffer finding meaning collaborations and expansion.

When you attend events, you meet important people in your industry that are capable of lending valuable advice, and can bring business opportunities for you in the future. Adding them to your social media will help you keep in touch with them all the time.

If you find an article from your industry interesting, reach out to the writer on social media, and send a personalised message to start a conversation. That’s how easy it is on social media to exchange thoughts!

However, you will need to spend some time in your downtime to build such relationships, but over time, the amount of benefits you reap, makes it worthwhile.

#3. Establish Yourself as An Industry-Expert and Be Resourceful

As a business strategist, it is important to understand your role and significance in the industry. But what is more important is to be an expert in the segment of the industry you deal in. Being knowledgeable makes you aware of not just your role at the company, but the overall relevance of you in the larger scheme of things. You are able to identify resources and partners strategically.

Here are the other major benefits of cementing yourself as an expert in the domain:

  • You serve as a resource for your peers in terms of helping them make industry connections.
  • When you help people, you become a trustworthy individual yourself within the industry ecosystem. It eventually helps you at finding business opportunities in return.

#4. Adapting to The Change is the Key

In a constantly evolving industry, keeping up with the pace of change becomes critical. With new technologies constantly disrupting industries across business domains, the things that were considered relevant yesterday have gone irrelevant today. You need to be on your toes to make adjustments quickly.

#5. Business Development Skills Get Refined with Every Rejection You Face in the Journey

During your initial years as a business strategist, or owner, you are set to face rejections at almost every stage of your way to success. Be prepared for it.

Especially, at the start, you will feel unconfident to design and implement new strategies. There will be hesitations at introducing your strategic framework in front of peers and industry connections. Gradually, people will start realizing your worth, and soon, you will become a known face.

The people who once ignored you at the beginning, would want to become allies with you.

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