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5 Most Popular Group Running Challenge Apps

bajayantisamal February 17, 2021

Fitness motivation is needed to constantly perform the fitness routine. If you do a fitness routine with your friends, family, or fitness group then you get automatically motivated because of others. The most trending way to gain fitness motivation is the fitness apps.

These unparalleled running route planners give its users a platform to systematically organize running groups and gather the motivation to start their running journey. The fitness apps provide a platform for all the running enthusiasts, athletes, and people who are interested in going for a run on a regular basis but lack motivation.

Let’s have a look at 5 most popular group running challenge apps:


There is power in connection. Join with other members of the Runkeeper community to stay motivated and focused to achieve your fitness goals. Turn your success into motivation and achieve your fitness goals together.


The app provides useful and easy-to-use features that makes the group formation smoothly and quickly. The app allows creating public or private groups as per individual’s convenience. The app aims at motivating people to start their fitness journey by making various groups and following fitness routine with their respective groups.

Daily Burn:

You can try group workouts for free on Daily Burn. Performing daily fitness routine alone can make you feel de-motivated after sometime, but performing group fitness activity daily will definitely inculcate the habit of fitness routine in you.  


This is the #1 app for cyclists and runners. If you start running with your fitness group or friends, then you will end up achieving your fitness goal. It will also help others to stay fit and motivate them.


Join the World’s Largest Fitness Community for fitness routine advice, tips, and support available 24/7. This app will not only offer you a perfect fitness group but also share tips for a healthy diet and discuss various exercise activities.

Each of these apps has basic features in common and different unique features too which make them different from each other. The common features in almost every fitness app include running route planner, creating private or public groups, inviting people by sharing links, and building a motivational group of running enthusiasts. Start your fitness experience and spread it numerous people around you.

Here are some of the common features that are available in almost everyfitness app that will get started without any hassle:

  • Find nearby groups –Mention your area and search for fitness groups nearby to perform group fitness routine. Working out in group is the best motivation always.
  • Add a title & description – If you are creating your own group, add a title particular title hinting towards exercise or fitness and give a short description about what is the reason for the group. This will let the potential participants know about the running group and may wish to participate.
  • Set date and time- You can set the date and time of your running plan to keep it organized and easy to remember. It will further help you motivate people by sticking to the date & time and making it a habit.
  • Plan a running route- After setting the date and time, you should plan your running route. You can choose the starting point, midpoint and endpoint of your GPS running journey to make your route easier to understand to all the people in the group. This feature is aimed at making users plan their route before you start running.
  • Public group – The public group will allow anyone using the app to view and join the running group.
  • Private group- The private group allows selected users to join the group. Start you fitness routine comfortably with the people you know!
  • Diet tips – Some apps also have the feature of healthy diet for fitness routine. A group in which you can share and get diet advice and fitness tips.

These apps consist of multiple features that make them extremely beneficial and easy to use. All you need is the wish to stay fit and healthy. Just put one step ahead and people will join you in your fitness journey. Get ready for the best group fitness experience with these five exceptional fitness apps!

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