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5 Pleasant and Unique Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

alicebarianna January 13, 2021

The most momentous occasion for any couple is their anniversary. It’s an important milestone declaring the completion of a year of their marriage. Regardless of their ups and downs, the anniversary day brings the two love birds closer letting go of the past, the bad feeling aside, and recalling the most joyous occasion of their lives. 

Traditionally, the first anniversary is called “The Paper Anniversary”. Maybe because that marriage is still new, ink is yet to dry on the paper but should it define how you should celebrate it? We don’t think so! This is the perfect time to gift your partner a personalized gift or anything you know they will love instantly. It must be something that will always remain by their side and leave a long-lasting impression enough that it becomes a treasured heirloom. 

So how to choose the best gift for such an occasion? Anniversary is all about sentiments. You can either go for handmade gifts or buy a unique piece of jewelry of your choice. 

 But don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We have listed down below some of the amazing gift ideas you can surprise your partner with. 

Diamond and Gold Jewelry 

Traditional, classy, and elegant – three major couture qualities that make earrings so desirable. Whether you buy her diamond studs, or gold loops you can order earrings online so that she won’t doubt a thing! Also, when you make customized orders for any jewelry you can have it wrapped in a romantic or cute way. Your wife will love it instantly. Another item of jewelry that counts is the ring! It may be too soon to give a diamond ring for the first anniversary but if you love your partner so much then don’t listen to whatever anyone has to say about it. 

Or go with a light intricate designed bracelet! These are perfect gifts for every occasion. 

Handmade journal 

It’s simple, sweet, and very romantic. If you are the type of couple who love making memories, doing things together, taking as many photographs as possible, and so on then, this gift is perfect in every sense. A first-year together journal can be made or you can have it specially made recording all the momentous events of your lives. 

This shows the utter amount of love you have for each other. Girl’s dig this thing! And if your husband is a romantic type then lucky for you. Both of you can watch the wedding video and recall the time you have spent together so far. 

Your vows

When standing in front of friends and family saying your vows out loud, it tears you up. It’s the most emotional part of the wedding ceremony, right? If you have written your vows personally then it gives a whole lot of other meaning and importance to your wedding vows. 

Because it was an emotional moment, you can have the vows written down on the paper on a tie clip. It’s cute and utterly romantic for any couple to gift their personalized vows to each other. You will remember the gift and the day you opened that wonderful and emotional side of yourself in front of your close relations and your partner. 

Wedding photos 

Among the vows, another emotional side of your wedding day are the recorded memories ie. the wedding photographs. These are the most special memories of the day you exchanged rings and vows and well who doesn’t love being photographed?

To celebrate your first anniversary you can select a collection of candid shots from the wedding photographs. Caption it with “I Do!” under every click in black and white. Whether it’s a funny one or a romantic one, oh the feeling of joy you will have is wonderful. You can have the portrait customized with elegant or simple wood frames and make a wall of memories in your home. 

Love poems 

So this may be the most unconventional kind of anniversary gift to be ever given! If you remember how Mr. Big wrote those love letters to Carrie then this is somewhat in a similar motion. Love poems are a classic and heart touching way of reaching your partner. If your partner is into literature and poetry then nothing could be better than a true sentiment of love and romance published in the form of a book. If you happen to be a writer or a poet yourself then well done! Now you can write your emotions in the form of poetic stanzas and present them to your spouse. 

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All of these ideas are meant for those who love their partners. Of course that’s why you got married in the first place! Try and turn these gift ideas into reality and let us know how it went.

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