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5 Rules You Must Know for Quarantine Weight Loss

rakshita469 January 19, 2021

Are you worried about how to lose all that extra quarantine weight? Staying motivated to work hard in the pandemic times is a challenge itself. However, later than never, having the realization to cut that unwanted fat out of the body is a wiser choice. The depressing year has expired, and it’s time to bid adieu to all the negative aspects it added to our life and health. 

The preceding year taught us various lessons, and staying fit is one of them. In the wake of this realization, “how to lose weight” has become one of the most searched questions of 2021. If you have the same concern, this article is the best piece for you. No matter what way you gain those extra pounds, our smart suggestions will effectively help you get back to your ideal shape and size again. 

Before we proceed, have you identified your body type? This is the first question you should start with while planning your fitness voyage. If you lack knowledge on this, here we have explained all the body types. Read and identify which one is yours:

What Does Body Type Mean?

Body type or somatotype is nothing but the skeletal structure an individual is born with. In general humans have three body types Endomorph, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. Each type has certain characteristics and traits. However, many may find their body traits matching to more than one type. And in such a case, you have the fourth type, which is a combination body structure. 


  • Lean and long body. 
  • Less muscles and body fat. 
  • Great metabolic strength and sound digestion. 
  • The ideal fitness plan for an endomorph is to gain weight which is very slow and tiring.  


  • Broad shoulders and muscles. 
  • Evenly distributed body fat and well-built muscles. 
  • High metabolism that helps mesomorph lose or gain weight fast. 


  • Round shape body, higher body fats than muscles. 
  • Often pear-shaped body and a higher tendency to gain weight and fat easily. 
  • Weight loss is a lengthy and exhaustive process for endomorphs, but not impossible.

Quarantine weight gain reasons may not be the same for everyone, but everyone needs to follow some common rules when they are on a weight loss journey.  

Fitness is all about following a disciplined routine, meaning eating healthy, eating timely, and sleeping timely. It may seem pointless to follow a system when nothing in life is routined, but such a disciplined lifestyle impacts our entire functioning hugely and positively. First things first, before making a quarantine weight loss plan, you must comprehend these 5 uncompromisable rules:

Eating Healthy

Healthy foods may not impress you as your favourite food franchise does. But the nutrients your body receives from healthy food is innumerable. Eating healthy is crucial to give your system the nutrients they require to function properly. 

Eat All Nutrient Inclusive Food

Our body requires all the nutrients, even carbohydrates. However, The quantity of consumption of each nutrient-rich food matters. So, consider maintaining fiber and protein-rich food products rather than carbohydrates as you make your food plan. 

Take around 200 to 300g of carbohydrates a day and concentrate on nourishing the body with healthy fats, probiotics, omega-3, omega-6, fibre, protein, vitamin-E, magnesium, etc.

Staying Hydrated is Must 

Water helps our system digest food faster and cleans the toxins from the body. Make sure to drink a minimum of 3-litre water a day. Try to take hot water cups instead of cold water.

Sleep well

Often, we compromise with our sleeping hours for tight schedules. We must rest to work again, and sleep is the recovery time for the body. You may not notice the effects of poor sleep instantly, but this practice may gradually start affecting your entire functioning.

Be Active

Eating healthy, sleeping well, and staying hydrated is crucial but adding a short active session everyday adds extra points in your bag. Exercising may look or feel tedious, but we get numerous positive aftereffects of it. It makes you feel lighter, improves mental health, keeps the body energetic, reduces the risks of heart diseases, etc. 

Now that you have these rules well-specified here, it is time to stop being a couch potato and have a healthy change in life. Quarantine weight loss is easy if you can follow the process systematically. 

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