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5 Signs of Hard Water Problems at Home

Vinayak January 4, 2021

Water is the most important resource on earth and is present in abundance. But the water we use in our homes needs to be pure for drinking and other domestic purposes. A hard water softener for home is necessary to avoid long term problems. Also, there are specific standards according to which water is said to be fit for use commercially.

What is pure water?

Ideally, pure water is odourless and tasteless and contains zero added salts, impurities, and extra minerals. It is filtered and processed to remove the harmful contaminants, and the resultant pure water is least contaminated and made safe for drinking and other purposes.

Is hard water the same as impure water?

Hard water can be termed as a subset of impure water because hard water contains only an excess amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium ions and some harmful salts. While, impure water can comprise all the contaminations, including dirt, sediments, bacteria, fluoride, lead, microparticles, etc.

Do you need RO filtration if your water is soft?

Soft water has the least number of harmful Salts and other minerals like calcium and magnesium ions but is not free of other impurities. Water softener for bathroom removes excessive minerals and salts but let the suspended impurities pass through.

Water softeners don’t filter the water i.e., it removes the suspended impurities, lead fluoride, and other contents except for excessive salts, calcium, and magnesium ions, it makes hard water soft. Therefore, RO filtration is required to purify the water completely in addition to a water softener. 

What are the signs your water is hard and unsafe for use?

You can conclude that your water is hard and unsafe for use if you encounter the following-

1. If the water you’re using in your home or washroom starts leaving stains on the sink and other sanitary wares.

2. The life of furnishing decreases, and corrosion of associated products becomes very fast and visible.

3. If laundry cleaning or other activities related to cleaning consumes more detergent and water than usual.

4. If the new clothes turn grey, or the colour fades along with shine in 2 to 3 washes.

5. If you experience dry and itchy scalp and skin after wash or bath.

6. If the drinking glasses become translucent after a while.

These points conclude that you immediately require hard water softeners for your home,and your water is unsuitable for consumption.

What are the benefits of soft water and RO filtered water?

Purified disinfected water received from reverse osmosis removes the primary contamination of water up to 95%. Moreover, it saves electricity and makes water healthy for consumption. It also reduces maintenance and provides ease of automation for the filtration of water.

Reducing the hardness of water can eliminate the chances of ailments in the body. It keeps the skin and hair healthy and maintains the pH level of the scalp. Water softeners for bathrooms also ensure the life expectancy of bathroom accessories and fittings, along with corrosion-free appliances. It also reduces water used in laundry and power consumption for appliances like geysers, washing machines, and Motors pumping water.

Is water softening and water filtration the same?

The simple answer to the question lies in the mechanism of water filtration and water softening.

In reverse osmosis, there is an excessive amount of water pressure applied to one end with a semipermeable membrane at another end through which the water is allowed to pass. 

Any particle more extensive than the size of the permeable membrane gets rejected. Other particles that have a size smaller than the membrane seeps through it – this is the process for RO water filtration.

When it comes to the water softening mechanism, it contains an Ion exchange resin media tank. This tank reduces the hardness to a safer level by exchanging the minerals causing hardness with sodium ions present in the Ion exchange resin to make the water soft and safe for use.

How is ZeroB different from others?

ZeroB provides an extensive range of RO water filters and water softeners, which are sleek in design to fit the workplace interior or personal space. ZeroB also offers free installation for your product and provide timely services throughout the lifetime of the product. You can have free water tests anytime. These checks help to determine the quality of water at your home or office and choose the best solution which suits you.

Are there any drawbacks of RO water filtration and water softeners?

A water softener uses Ion Exchange Technology for reducing the hardness of water, but it does not purify the water for the contamination it contains. Water softeners remove excess salts from water, but it does not purify disinfected water which is a primary concern that water softener does not address.

Reverse osmosis also has some drawbacks, including logging in the semipermeable membrane, loss of beneficial Minerals, and a noticeable drop in water flow. These drawbacks also limit the capabilities of RO (reverse osmosis) filtration.

Both water softeners and reverse osmosis have their pros and cons, which can get balanced according to the user’s situation or TDS level of water.

In Conclusion-

Pure water is a necessity. It helps you stay healthy and reduces the chances of diseases due to any contamination present. For fresh and healthy water, you need to ensure the hardness of water gets limited. And the impurities get decreased to a tolerable level.

Based in Mumbai, India, ZeroB is the flagship brand of Ion Exchange India Limited. ZeroB is renowned for providing fresh and pure water using state of the art technologies.

 Moreover, it has been pioneering revolutionary RO (reverse osmosis) in India to provide fresh water.

Contact ZeroB for any further queries or visit the online store now to book a demo for a hard water softener for your home.

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