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5 Stylish & Comfortable Daily Wear Sarees

nidhishekhawat475 October 16, 2021

Sarees are the most elegant Indian outfits available. They are found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. On the other hand, style and fashion evolve with time.

Designer and contemporary saris have become popular, yet the saree as a whole maintains its attractiveness and market. This article will provide you an insight into not only some of the most stylish and comfortable daily wear sarees but also some of the most stylish and comfortable evening wear saris. Take a glance and prepare to shop right now!

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1. Bengali Cotton Saree

The most common types of cotton sarees worn by ladies are Bengal cotton sarees. Bengal sarees have been around for a long time and are still an important part of every woman’s wardrobe.

These saris are quite comfortable to wear, especially during the hot and humid season, because of their light and airy fabric. Most of these saris have broad borders and a variety of paisley, floral, and other creative designs woven into them.

Hand-painted, embroidery and printed motifs adorn many of these saris. As a result, this is a must-have for any modern lady.

Bengali Sarees

2. Crepe Saree

Crepe sarees are distinguished by their crisp and crimped appearance. As a result, whenever it comes to ultimate comfort and style, many modern ladies prefer it. Crepe sarees can be made out of a variety of fabrics, including silk, wool, and even synthetic fibers.

The fabric is made up of silk threads that are woven together. In the market, you can find both soft and hard crepe. Furthermore, you will be astounded by the amazing and brilliant colors and feel of these saris.

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3. Kalamkari Saree

These are hand-painted saris that are both fashionable and comfortable. The saris with freehand paintings are worth maintaining in your closet since they will attract everyone’s attention when you wear them.

The addition of a painting style block to these saris has boosted their popularity. You can be confident that you will adore these saris like nothing else.

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4. Indigo Saree

Indigo sarees are mostly blue and made of a soft, comfortable fabric. As a result, most women like these saris. The borders of these saris are usually black, golden, or brown, which adds to the beauty of the saris.

The wide range of options available for these saris will amaze you. From Chanderi indigo saris to white designs, bright patterns, floral patterns, and striped patterns, there are so many to choose from.

The best part is that you may pair these saris with a variety of colored blouses for a stylish look.

Indigo sarees

5. Ikat Cotton Saree

The blurriness in the designs is one of the most significant characteristics of Ikat cotton saris. Cotton and silk fabrics are both available. A dyeing procedure is used in the weaving process.

The majority of these saris have large, colorful, and bold patterns that make the wearer stand out from the crowd. If you get one of these saris, you will be able to keep it in your closet for a long period because it would never go out of style.

Ikat Sarees

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