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5 Vital Tips to Care for Dental Implants

Shashidas January 24, 2020

The dental implants are now a very common treatment option for replacing the missing teeth amongst the adults. They can also be used to stabilise the denture for functioning and comfort.

But remember that implants are just a process of surgery that replaces the roots of teeth with metal screw-like posts of artificial teeth that function much like the real ones.

In order to ensure that the implants last long, dedicated efforts and special techniques are essential. Otherwise, infections in the tissues surrounding the implant can crop up leading to failure.

The dental hygienist plays a significant role in keeping dental implants free of issues. It is essential to get the teeth cleaned regularly so that the biofilm can be taken off your teeth and they can remain infection-free.

The dental implants are more or less similar to the natural teeth and they don’t need extra attention. Just regular brushing and flossing are capable of doing the job. They can even last a lifetime and any further dental work down the road can also be avoided if you take care of your implants properly.

To help you further here is a guide. Take a look.

  • Brush for Minimum 2 Minutes – It is recommended that you use the soft toothbrushes that are specially created with the implants in mind and don’t leave out the hard-to-reach areas. Ensure that the bristles are not too hard so that the surface of the implant can be cleaned in a gentle manner. Just brushing for a couple of minutes is enough to remove the plaque that may have formed.
  • Floss At Least Once a Day – You should floss everyday and aim for doing that twice a day to prevent the plaque accumulation around the side of the implants. Under certain circumstances, the patient can also need to use a floss threader which is a specialized floss type that cleans around the teeth and that of the fixed bridge.
  • Avoid Having Sticky and Hard Foods – Going for hard foods can lead to teeth breakage which can result in you needing more implants to replace them. The structure of the dental implant can get compromised if you have the sticky and hard foods which make the teeth weaker eventually. The examples of sticky or hard foods can include hard caramel, candy, peanuts and dried foods.
  • Refrain from Smoking – Cigarette smoking can decrease the mouth bone that can cause the bone on the upper teeth of the patient to rise up and that on the lower teeth to go down. Though the sequence of events does not occur overnight, it is fast enough for the patient to notice. When there is extensive bone loss due to smoking it can cause the threads in the mouth to retain more bacteria or plaque. Then these lead to even more loss of bones. This bacteria and plaque build-up can give rise to tooth problems like infection and tooth decay as well as bad breath.
  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly – Last but not least, you should visit the dental office at least a couple of times every year depending on your oral health. Regular visits can assist the dentist to retain the dental implants’ health along with your oral health.

With such easy maintenance procedures, more and more people are opting for dental implants available at the best dental implant cost in Chennai to restore both their oral functionality and aesthetics for a prolonged period of time.

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