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5 Ways To Improve The Speed Of Your Router

rebeccarogers11 March 17, 2021

The internet has become a major part of our daily life. Our generation has been using the internet for over a decade. Nowadays, most people cannot go a few hours without checking something on the internet either through their phones or laptops. Since the pandemic started, more and more companies and schools worldwide have to resort to online means of communication to get work done. For making the right decisions about routers and such stuff you also should have a basic understanding of Wireless PAN DHCP Server as it will help you gain more knowledge and make more informed decisions to give you better outputs. 

Stable internet speed has become a staple in everyday households. Not everyone uses high-speed internet just for work. High-speed internet is needed for gaming, streaming movies or shows, and conducting web seminars in this day and age. This is where the use of routers comes into play. 

Choosing the right Router: 

Nowadays, we have all types of routers to choose from, ranging from basic models like TP-link to high-end ones like Asus routers. The TP-link routers range from many different variants. It starts from 1000 Rs to even 15,000 Rs. Routers like Asus start from 15,000 Rs and range to 50,0000 Rs. These are just two router companies of many out in the market. I use an Asus router myself in order to have a better connection without any delay or latency. TP-link routers are used in most households. TP-link routers cover the basic needs required for a router these days. 

If you have an internet speed ranging from 0 -100 Mbps, maybe even more, TP-link can cover the most basic requirements for an internet connection. The higher range of routers like Asus models is better for houses or companies who use one Router with high-speed internet to provide internet across multiple floors or a large building. The high-end Router can handle upwards of 1000 Mbps or more. The connections would also be perfect without any delay. Fiber net connections need a sustainable router in order to have the best connections possible. Choosing the right Router, in the end, makes a difference as the better the Router, the more speed it can handle, and the better connection you get as a consumer.

Having the right connection: 

All of us want to have a high-speed internet connection. We look at different providers and the plans they offer us every month. Most of us have an internet connection from the local telephone company, but the speed they offer is a bare minimum. The only advantage about it is that it’s available all over the city. The connection we as a consumer want though is fiber net. Fiber net gives us a high-speed connection with fiber cables connected from the Router to the hub. 

The problem is fiber net is not available in most locations. The internet companies or the companies’ fiber net connections such as ACT fiber-net are still growing and expanding. They are trying to branch out to different locations in order to provide the best connectivity. Most people with a high-speed internet connection are usually subscribed to ACT. In the last few years, though, Airtel has been expanding its resources in order to provide a fiber net as well. Another reason not many people choose the fiber net option is because of cost. 

The general population of India uses the internet through their phone data, so they choose not to subscribe for an internet cable connection. Jio or airtel’s plans are very convenient for people when they need the internet for web browsing or online interactions on the go. Choosing the right internet provider helps boost your router speed undoubtedly. 

Changing from WI-FI to Lan cable/Ethernet:  

Most internet users use Wi-Fi at homes, cafes, or even some workplaces as it is easy to use and is completely wireless. This might be fine while web browsing or online shopping, but when gaming, coding, or video chatting, you need a stable connection without any lag or latency. For this aspect, an ethernet makes all the difference globally as it provides the internet at a constant speed. It provides more bandwidth, which means a more solid internet connection, which brings me to my next point. 

Keep the Router up to date and maintain a high bandwidth allocation: 

This means occasionally updating your Router firmware through a laptop or desktop and removing any unnecessary delays like having multiple Lan cables plugged in at the same time to different devices. While you are working on something specific, make sure to have only one device plugged into the Router in order to get the optimized speed. Remember even to change the WI-FI password occasionally to avoid any outside interference. 

Adjust the Router’s antennas accordingly: 

Most of the routers come with a few adjustable antennas, so you can toggle with them and adjust them accordingly to your preference. These can help boost the speed of the Router to all locations the antenna is facing horizontally. 

If you want an even better speed, you can buy amplifiers for your antenna to make it more effective. These types of antennas are mainly used in companies but can also help in households. 

These are just some of the ways that I think the speed of a router can be tuned to provide a better internet experience for the consumers. 

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