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5 Writing Apps That Can Help You Beat Procrastination Right Now!

rebeccarogers11 August 6, 2020

Have you ever sat down to write an article and you end up doing some random activity and procrastinate  the work ? The field of writing is not the same as it was before, where the writers used to sit under the tree and present their thoughts and imagination with a clear mind. 

However, In present time, the profession of writing be it serious writers,authors or young people taking it as a hobby find it hard to focus their mind with the rise in technology and easily available entertainment. This leads to frequent distraction, and engaging in various activities like watching movies, games, and the rise in web series content in various online platforms like netflix and amazon. 

Hence its a big challenge specially for writers to keep their mind away from distraction and procrastination. Taking up daily writing challenges, reading books, spending time on crossword apps, going on an inspiration hunt online, etc are all ways you can implement yourself. But for additional help for all the writers out there, we present you the top 5 apps for writers according to us which will help you avoid the procrastination making you 5 times more productive :

1. Simplenote

Simplenote lets you write in an organised manner and it has an ad-free environment. SImple note is an application which is available on all devices be it android,ios,microsoft or macOS. The main feature of this app is that it is cross environment compatible and has real time syncing, which implies you can resume writing from any other device once logged in.

Moreover, it also saves every change you make while writing hence even after one month if you want to see previous changes you can easily see, and a simple note calls this feature as “turn back time”. 

Furthermore, it also shows how many words and characters have been typed which makes sure you don’t exceed any world limit or write below the world limit which is crucial for work. And yes, simplenote is completely free so if you are a beginner or looking for a free alternative, then simplenote is a suitable option to look for.

2. Freedom

Even though many applications have good user interfaces but can they protect the writer from unwanted distraction like pop ups from websites or notification of a  youtube upload by your favorite youtuber, well this app, called freedom can make you stay free from distractions. 

Freedom has special features which give you the power to block any unwanted website and notifications until you complete your work which will limit your procrastination through Instagram and other websites in the internet, and this type of procrastination is a major issue among writers which makes their mind distracted and they are not able to present their thoughts clearly causing the performance of writer to degrade. 

Furthermore, some features which make freedom unique is that you can set the timer for which you want to stay distraction free and also you can choose which website not to block. If you enter any distracting website, you will be warned by Freedom to pause. 

This application is a perfect tool for serious writers who usually have deadlines to complete and this app assures you never miss one by keeping you focused and your procrastination in check. 

Freedom is available on major platforms including macOS, android, ios, microsoft. It’s available for a monthly fee of $6.99 and moreover, it provides 7 free sessions so you can try it so you make sure this application is worth investing for you.

3. Microsoft One note

Microsoft one note is an underdog and often not much talked about when it comes to writing, as most people think it is used only by students for writing notes. However, one note has a ton of cool features making it a favorite among writers. Microsoft one note tries to bring the experience of a classic real life notebook to your digital device. 

You can form multiple notebooks and each notebook can be further divided into chapters. Hence it’s a great choice among writers who are working on a new book idea or any research work, as it makes it easy to keep all your scattered work in one place and no more wasting time in keeping separate documents at separate places which just makes it a tiresome experience for some. 

Furthermore, one note has one drive integrated in it, so all of your work is getting synced in real time among your devices be it an iphone,android or any other desktop making it super easy to work on the fly. 

Moreover, apart from serious writing, if you do any research work for your writing and collect various facts, images that also can be done in one note, you can make a separate chapter for it inside the same notebook making it convenient to browse through. Microsoft one note is completely free, making it a must have app for writers to keep you organised.

4. Grammarly

Has it ever happened that when the deadline is tight and in hassle you don’t cross check your work before submitting and later you get feedback from your company that your article has grammar or spelling mistakes. Yes it’s an embarrassing moment, hence be it an urgent deadline, or you simply want to be sure your work is perfect with respect to word limit, grammar and other mistakes, the app grammarly can be a life saver. 

And an interesting feature of grammarly is that apart from inside the application , you can use grammarly features outside on any other website including quora by integrating the grammarly extension in your web browser. 

Grammarly is a handy tool as many times after writing a long article, the writer doesn’t feel like cross checking immediately and thus because of this the whole work is procrastinated. Hence by using grammarly you can make sure that spellings, grammar, style all are being checked in parallel when you are writing. Grammarly has two versions, free and paid. 

The free version is enough for daily use, however, with use you need some extra features of the paid version, you can anytime go for the paid version of grammarly. Grammarly is available on all platforms.

5. WriteRoom

WriteRoom is a macOs specific application and it’s basically a macOS version of  Microsoft word. However, it has more features which make it unique. WriteRoom provides a full screen environment keeping all the distraction away from your desktop and giving your mind the much needed peace and focus. 

There are no separate pages like Microsoft Word, you just start writing and its automatic space alignment make sure you get a smooth experience. It is equipped with an autosave feature. WriteRoom provides a user interface which is very soothing and you don’t feel there are any other apps apart from WriteRoom on your desktop transporting the writer into a seperate world of words. 

Hence all apple users, if you want a complete distraction free, minimalist user interface, a black and green classic screen space, WriteRoom is a must try app. 

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