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6 Best Credit Card Apps For Android

rebeccarogers11 July 20, 2020

A credit card payment app enables businesses to process card payments using a mobile device. Also, now generating credit cards online is not a hectic task because of Stick to the free or low-cost card reader, and you’ll have inferior upfront costs.

Factors considered in picking the best Credit Card Payment Apps

Below factors are taken into account when choosing the best credit card payment app:

  • Pricing
  • App features
  • Device compatibility
  • Ease of use 
  • Customer support
  • User reviews

#1 Square: Best Overall Credit Card Payment App For Small Businesses

Square tops the list of best credit card payment apps because of its user-friendly interface, free account setup, no monthly fee, and easy-to-recognize flat-rate processing fees. The app features are advantageous for startups and small retailers who need an all-in-one payment processor and POS. Square also amalgamates with other popular software.

Square Features

Square’s credit card payment app looks analogous to many others when you view the register screen. The menu and all-embracing interface of Square are laid out impulsively, so you can get to the feature you need swiftly, whether it’s inventory, customer management, or reports. Also, Square’s app can be used on iOS or Android. Additional feature: Square offers an offline feature that lets you take credit cards in the absence of an internet connection. The payments will on-go when regaining connection. 

#2 PayPal Here: Best Credit Card App for Instant Fund Access

PayPal Here is one among the best mobile credit card processing apps by the reason it integrates processing with POS features and no monthly fee. Also, businesses can access funds paid to their PayPal accounts usually and quickly. The advanced card reader allows mobile payments, including PayPal apps, from your customers in person too.

PayPal Here Features

The PayPal Here credit card payment app lets you sell items all and sundry with your Smartphone and the PayPal Here app for iOS or Android. You have hardly any options when it comes to card readers, but only the magstripe one is free. Like Square, you can handle inventory, employees, and run sales reports.

#3 Shopify: Best Credit Card App for Ecommerce Vendors

Shopify provides a low-cost plan named Shopify Lite that pops up with a credit card payment app, iOS- and Android-compatible card readers, and a Facebook eCommerce store. It’s a perfect solution for a retailer who’s just stepping into the eCommerce and mobile selling scene. There is a monthly fee, but the transaction fees are cut-throat.

Shopify Lite Features

To make Shopify Lite work proper for you, you have to download two apps: Shopify and Shopify POS, the latter being the credit card payment app. From the Shopify app, you can add products, set up inventory tracking, control staff, and run reports. The Shopify dashboard is well-fabricated and can be accessed through a mobile app or from the web.

#4 Fattmerchant: Best Credit Card App for Retailers

Fattmerchant is a conventional MSP that offers a mobile credit card payment app as an option for on-the-go selling. It allows you to make sales in your store away from your counter POS and on location at events. The economical pricing structure works for retailers to add-on their own elegance to the app.

Fattmerchant Features

From subscription to Fattmerchant, you’ll get benefits beyond a standard credit card payment app. You will also have access to the Fattmerchant-branded Omni platform, which gives you enablement via the web dashboard where you can append products to your catalog, dispatch invoices, explore data, and stockpile customer information. It accompanies the Fattmerchant app, too, much like Shopify.

#5 Durango: Best Credit Card App for High-risk Businesses

Durango Merchant Services is a conventional MSP that provides a third-party credit card payment app you can use to process mobile payments. It’s uniquely a good fit for high-risk merchants who may have denied accounts with other services. The cost is higher than others on the list, but that’s the case for high-risk industries.

Durango Merchant Services Features

Durango Merchant Services doesn’t conglomerate well against the more all-in-one mobile payment providers, but for a high-risk merchant, there are hardly any options. The credit card payment app you download for your iOS or Android device can handle swipe and tap mobile payments with many readers from Durango.

#6 PayAnywhere: Best Credit Card App for Lower Service Costs

PayAnywhere is a credit card payment app and processor with one of the lowest service cost fees on the market. It’s an excellent choice for small retailers who want the best rate and need a simple mobile app for payments and in the requirement of essential business management tools. The app and readers are adaptable for iOS and Android devices.

PayAnywhere Features

PayAnywhere provides a good set of features with its credit card payment app. You can make use of either a Bluetooth scanner or your mobile’s camera to scan barcodes to put on items to inventory or a customer’s sale. Also, there’s employee handling, reporting, and billing, apart from mobile payment processing.

Bottom Line

The best credit card payment apps go beyond letting you process payments with a mobile device. They should incorporate business management tools so that you can have a look over your inventory, employees, and everyday summary of sales from one spot.

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