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6 Essential Camping Items You Need to Pack

alicebarianna December 9, 2020

There comes a time when you need to take a break from your hectic life. This is when the nomad in you kicks in for your own good urging you to wander around like a free spirit. Spending a weekend outdoors does sound good. You can go with your family or if you want peace of mind, you can plan a solo camping trip to the nearest places. Either way, it’s a good decision to enjoy a restful vacation surrounded by nature.

But, regardless of how experienced a camper you might be, you always need to prepare a list of itinerants, you will need from a cup of coffee to a lighter. A solid checklist of camping essentials is a must so that you do not forget anything necessary.

To narrow down the list we have pointed out the essential camping items you will need for your adventure.

1.     Tent

Some campers love the idea of sleeping under the starry sky. In imagination, it sounds great, but once the sun sets, it will soon become dark and cold. Not to forget the wild animals that may be the inhabitants of the area may decide to sneak up on you.

The tent is not a fort defense but it does act as an emergency shelter. If the weather changes too quickly for your liking it will provide you enough shelter and keep you safe from the rain or strong winds and so. You can choose a one-person tent or a larger cabin style tent. The smaller the tent the easier it will be to carry.

2.     Sleeping bag

Once your tent is fixed, you will also need a sleeping bag. You can’t just sleep on the ground floor. It will be hard, cold, and wet enough to give you a backache for a life. Using a sleeping bag will keep you warm even if the temperature drops by 20 degrees. Do remember that there are insects at night time which may come crawling on your body as uninvited guests.

So instead of taking the risk, it’s a better (smart) choice to use a sleeping bag.

3.     Small espresso maker

One of the best camping gadgets that every camper should have is a portable espresso coffee maker that is easy to carry. Campers thrive on the goodness of caffeine but the problem is that you cannot carry your espresso machine out in the open obviously.

So the best solution is to use a small, cute, portable coffee maker that runs on a battery and is easy to carry and pack camping items. Luckily you can buy several portable espresso makers from the supermarkets at an affordable cost. Some models can brew a cup or two of espresso shots. You will just need to add water and grind coffee and press the button.

4.     Water bottle

An essential ingredient for your survival is water. Planning a camping getaway means you need to have a pair of water bottles with your backpack. Since you will be drinking water from the pond or lake you are struck out of options for freshwater. Unless on the camping site, they do have some water pumps you still will need to fill your water bottles.

While getting yourself water bottles also buy a filter or water purification tablets. They dissolve in the water providing you 99% clean water to drink.

5.     First aid kit

It’s not unlikely to get injured during camping. You may decide to hike and trip or get scratched by a nearby bush while setting the tent up. A number of things can happen. In the case you are in a state of a medical emergency you can treat blisters or minor cuts. So the first aid kit must consist of bandages, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, scissors, adhesive, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth barrier, and even an emergency whistle and torch.

You can other essential medical items that you may need at the camping site. You must be aware of how to use the first aid kit or otherwise it will be useless to have it on site.

6.     Maps and compass

Other important camping essentials are the maps and compasses for hiking or climbing purposes. Usually, hiking is in remote areas, surrounded by lots and lots of trees. You can easily get lost, which is why a manual map is a savior.

Thanks to technology you can use your online/offline Google Maps and also download the GPS tracker apps to track the route you came from. This is pretty handful if you are traveling in a group and decide to split for a hike.

Camping is fun as long as you have all the essential items with you. Of course, the above mentioned are not a complete list but the most basic items you must remember to pack.

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