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6 ideas to plan a low-key extravagant proposal

alinabeths March 16, 2021

Planning a marriage proposal is a daunting and scary affair for many, especially when there are tons of ideas to choose from on the internet and you have to plan a proposal in a way that takes you down memory lane. Proposals often revolve around the memories you have created throughout the life journey with your partner.

The art of planning an extravagant yet meaningful proposal while being in the defined budget is a task that many people fail to achieve. Also, many couples out there don’t like public displays of affection, otherwise known as PDA and the public declaration of love, so they rather stick to low-key at-home proposals. Many couples consider proposals and other romantic gestures as a personal and sacred affair, so they pretty much stick to having a low-key event. So we have come up with 7 low-key proposal ideas with extravagant results for you to choose from instead of scrolling down the complete internet. But before that, you need to watch out for few minor points when it comes to planning a proposal.

3 things to look out for when you plan a proposal

Set the budget

On the quest to be unique, we often end up buying and renting out many kinds of stuff that we don’t end up using. So, you have to set the budget and be on the lookout for hacks to help you be under the budget. For instance, you can go for Marry Me Light Letters for Rent instead of buying a bunch of fairy lights and hiring people for decor.

Be Unique

By unique, we don’t mean that you have to stand out in the world or among your friends in preparing a proposal. Rather we mean that you should plan a proposal that your partner finds unique.

Set the plan

Set the plan beforehand regarding the proposal’s execution, set the date, and find that perfect spot. This will help you address the jitters while proposing and focusing on getting rid of the jitters rather than worrying about the execution of your plan.

6 hacks for low-key proposal

1.    Take a Hike or build the camp

You can go for a hike and propose to your partner during sunset or sunrise. You can also go camping during the weekend and propose to your partner under the starry sky and let the sky be the witness of the union of two souls.

2.    Design a treasure hunt at home

You can design a treasure trail at home and design riddles based on your most treasured moments with your partner. This trick will keep the playful and goofy energy alive in the proposal.

3.    Take it to the terrace.

With a bunch of white balloons and Marry Me Light Letters for Rent from the Top Rated Light Letter Company, you can easily create the ambiance resembling the proposal on the clouds. The two props, when mixed, build a romantic and luxurious environment suitable for the proposal.

4.    Cook it up

You can set up a nice picnic or breakfast indoor and use your cooking skills to create a perfect meal and drinks for the proposal. You can write “marry me” on the coffee or design the “marry me” symbol on the meal. 

Disclaimer: Only try if you have the expertise in cooking.

5.    Turn your backyard into a lit-up wonderland

You can rent out lights, hangings, marquee letters, light letters, etc., from Top Rated Light Letter Company to convert your backyard into a lit-up wonderland. You can set up a candlelight dinner in the middle and propose to your partner.

6.    Project it

It is often said that what can’t be described in words can often be described in videos, so you can set up a projector and project your feelings on the wall or in your backyard. You can wear a customized glow-in-the-dark t-shirt with “Marry Me” written on it.

We understand how scary it is to plan a proposal, especially when going all gaga and over the top is quite risky. So instead of choosing from so many ideas, you can choose from these 6 ideas. On the other hand, we think that Marry Me Light Letters for Rent from the Top Rated Light Letter Company with or without balloons, be it set up on the terrace or indoors, is the best proposal idea, as it is unique, vintage, crafty, and artsy.

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