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6 Notorious Problems for Overseas Travelers (and how to avoid them)

janicejaramillo October 13, 2016


There’s a large influx of overseas tourists worldwide. As of September 30, 2015, the ASEAN statistics has reported a total of 105, 083.8  arrivals from top South East Asian tourist destinations like the Philippines,  Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

This figure is almost double the recorded arrivals on the 2013 reports both for the local and international visitors. While tourism in ASEAN has seen a stark boom, it didn’t stop few notorious travel issues that plague a lot of travelers.

Below are six of the most common ones with corresponding tips on how to avoid them.

Missed or cancelled flights

This is perhaps the most common issue we hear when traveling. We don’t have direct control over cancelled flights as they’re highly dictated by weather conditions or some technical issues. However, we can do something about missed flight issue by making sure you arrive at the airport early, taking into consideration traffic and other road mishaps.

As soon as you receive a notice about cancelled flights, it’s best to notify the airline company for rescheduling or and stuff.

Getting lost

It’s common especially if you’re not familiar with the place you’re visiting. Aside from it takes your valuable time supposedly spent for exploring the place, it can also be dangerous. To save yourself the hassle, work on knowing the notable landmarks in the area and keep your phone online.

From there, you can check out Google Maps or any GPS tracking service to serve as guide.

Hotel reservation errors

Nothing is more annoying than to find out that your reservation wasn’t recorded in a hotel’s database. It’s a real trouble especially if you’re traveling during the peak season since this could mean you’ll have more difficult time finding vacant rooms in other inns.

A good solution would be to call the hotel prior to your flight and ask for a confirmation of your reservation. Should there be any discrepancy, you can easily make the adjustments or clarification before arrival.

Invalid passport information

This rarely happens compared to the previous ones on our list, but once it does, it can cost you your flight to your dream destination.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your passport is valid. To be more certain, bring with you at least one or two other valid IDs, preferably government issued ones to verify your identity.

Language barrier

You cannot do much to solve this issue since learning a foreign language requires time, effort and dedication. It can be inconvenient to stay in a place where you don’t understand the local language, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your stay.

A quick visit to Google Play or Apple Store can give you useful mobile translation apps. You can then use these tools to at least learn the ropes on how basic greetings, inquiries and dining words are spoken using the local language.

Insufficient budget while on the go

With ATMs positioned from different corners of just about almost all public places, it’s easy to rely on our cards rather than bringing actual cash. Unfortunately, petty cash can still prove to be a better alternative especially when you are off to some exotic places where the convenience of ATMs is not available.

Bringing your E-wallets is suggested and work best on cities. But just to be sure, stash some cash with you.

Traveling is considered as one of the best learning methods, and you should always make the best out of it. Enjoy your overseas trip by doing away with all of the above mentioned issues at once.

Gear up for another adventure and enjoy!

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