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6 Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Router’s Performance

Walterrichards August 6, 2020

We all remember that our lives are way more comfortable and reliable when one has good internet speed and how one can watch movies, series after a very tiring day, and also some essential works from home. But this pandemic has put a person into some troublesome situations.

These things are not only restricted to studying and work from home, but also in meetings, shopping, etc. Our lives have become easy due to these routers broadband, but in this pandemic, every person has their different kind of work, so this is the time people have to follow some steps that would be useful for them for increasing their router’s performance. While possessing IP Addresses like ensure you a stable router connection, over-working it may lead to low performance.

So many people who have faced and spent the days by bearing fluctuating internet connectivity then there are surely few things on which we can try out before going into some long process of complaining and so on.

Selecting The Right Place For Your Router:

So for understanding this concept, we all know that the game is called maze, and also we know that if we put candles in a corner or at a place where there is no meaning by putting it.

Likewise, if we put the router in a place where it is covered with too many walls, or it is so far from the person using it continuously, etc. it is precisely related to the game called maze because the router is stuck between those walls. There is no place where it can radiate its Wi-Fi signals and goes to the user. So a proper place for a router is an utmost important thing.

A stronger Antenna:

Antennas come either attached or as a separate piece. The antenna needs to be according to the place where it fits appropriately, like if a home or office or a shop is enormous, then the router needs a big antenna or more than one antenna and vice-versa when it comes to a small home or office or a shop.

Also, the antenna needs to be checked and replaced from time to time because if the antenna does not provide a better quality of the range, then it needs to be returned for better performance.

Use Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender Or Booster:

Repeaters are just like the work we used to do daily or something which we do on repeat, and through that repetition, those things we can do very correctly and also with fewer timings. So just like that, using repeaters in routers will tend to improve the strength and range of wireless signals within a particular place.

As a router transmits the wireless signals to the users and then it gets repeated by the repeaters. Through that, it will also help to eliminate the jumble of multiple ethernet cables that will improve the signal of the wireless router.

Reboot The Router:

Rebooting of the router is very important in this time of the pandemic. So rebooting means turning off the router and then again restarting it for functional connectivity and also for checking the performance of the router. 

So if there is any disturbance between it, then it will be eliminated by rebooting the router, and it will result in the betterment of the routers’ performance.

It will sometimes also result in improving Wi-Fi speed. It will also help in improving the range of signals which it radiates to the users.

Traffic Channel:

This is precisely related to a thing like when we go shopping, or to the supermarket, the first thing we look upon is less billing line so that we can get the chance speedily. Likewise, if we compare this with router channels, then you need to focus on the lines and strength from where it is coming and how many users are connected in that one signal line.

If the router wire is too long or attached far away from the device, the signals sent through it would be disrupted. The same goes when too many users are logged onto the same router, as it creates traffic. So while choosing it, see the router channel appropriately. As we prefer less traffic, roads likewise choose router signals also.

Updating The Router From Time To Time:

We all have heard about the growing number of malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals heavily. This will stop in the meantime if the users update their router from time to time. Because if one-time malware goes into the router then it will affect a router, and it will steal and affect the other routers also.

Though the malware is not affected, the router still results in the worst performance when the same router is used for so many years. So that is very compulsive to update your router from time to time. 

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