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6 signs that your house is under-insulated

alinabeths May 24, 2021

Home insulation is significant nowadays; it is good to have your house insulate with ever-changing weather and erratic temperatures. Most of the houses come with prior insulation, but there are high chances that your house will be under-insulated. In recent times people are looking for more innovative solutions and search for insulation and spray fireproofing contractors in Toronto, ON.

With the advancement of technology, many types of fireproofing insulation are available in the market. Advanced insulation techniques like fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation are highly fire-resistant. Many spray fireproofing contractors in Toronto, ON, also perform house insulation and other services.

No one likes to be live in a cold house, and many times people fail to find the reason behind coldness and dampness in the house. These can be the signs of insulation in the house. There are many other signs of under insulation as well. Some of the signs of under insulation are mentioned below-

1.   Perform the “touch test” on your walls

Everyone has a thermostat installed in their houses, which can come in pretty handy when you perform the “touch test.” The first thing to do is set the thermostat at an ideal temperature and wait for the house to be stable at the given temperature. Once the ideal temperature is met, touch the different rooms’ walls.

If you discover that the walls are still cold despite the house’s temperature, then your house is under-insulated. Also, there are chances that only a few of the areas in your house will be insulated, like the basement and the attic. You can hire contractors for basement and attic insulation in Mississauga, ON.

2.   High energy bills despite no increase in the energy consumption

If your house is already insulated, yet there is an increase in the energy bills, there are high chances of faulty insulations. Good insulation can bring down energy consumption and bills by 30%.

So, even after insulation or after insulation repair, you find that your energy bills are higher than the last month, then you probably need to reconsider insulation services. The increase in the energy bills is a gradual process,a  but continuous increase in energy bills is an indicator of poor insulation.

3.   The attic is where the trouble starts.

It is essential to have your attic insulated. House owners get attic insulation that is at least 6 inches in thickness. The attic is one of those places with high chances of under insulation as it is near the house’s roof. If you notice water leakage, water puddles on the attic floor, you need to call in the contractors for attic insulation in Mississauga, ON.

The other indication of poor attic insulation is wall leakages, dampness, feeling slightly cold in the living room, etc. Attic insulation is essential for every household, especially in older homes.

4.   Erratic temperatures in the household

House owners sometimes feel colder in one room and average in another. This can be because of poor insulation or holes in the interior and exterior insulation. If one experiences erratic temperatures in the house, this is because of the faulty insulation in those places. This indicates that your house is under-insulated.

5.   The pipes are frozen most of the time.

Insulation is significant in cold areas. If you live in a cold area and have harsh winters, then good insulation not only keeps your heating expenses at bay but also protects many household items. Pipes are essential for effective sewage disposal and wastewater management.

Poor insulation or under insulation of exterior walls is an invitation to costly pipe repairs. If the pipes attached to the walls freeze and break down more than once, it is an indicator of poor insulation.

6.   Chilly drafts and stuck window panes

It often happens that chilly drafts appear on the windows and doors in cold winter months. Due to harsh winter winds, people have difficulty opening and closing the windows and doors. The chilly drafts also form on the windows and doors. Therefore, people need to double insulated windows and doors to fight off the chilly weather.


The proper insulation can help the house owners save a lot of energy bills and keep the house warmer in winters. Good insulation saves a lot of money on repairs. People often have their attic, and windows, etc., double insulated.

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