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6 super cool WhatsApp tricks that you should start using today:

Walterrichards February 5, 2021

In this technologically advanced world, everyone has an android phone in their hands, and everybody uses WhatsApp. Here are some cool WhatsApp tricks that you all should know about. Click here ( ) to have fun with Whats App.

1. Pin essential chats on the top: 

There is always one chat box that we open daily and talk daily, so instead of scrolling down to reach that chat box, instead you can pin the chatbox on the top, and that’s it, that chat box will always stay on top. All you have to do is select the particular person’s chatbox, and you’ll find multiple options at the top of it. Once that appears, you have to tap on the pin-shaped icon and that that will always be at the top.

2. Star important messages: 

so now there are always times when we receive an important message like a phone number or an address and but we can’t use them right away and continue texting, and now to find that address or phone number again, we’ll have to scroll ourselves up. Here’s a trick, you can mark that message ‘starred’ and find the message anytime. All you’ll have to do is, select the message, and again you’ll find different options on the top of it now. When the options appear, you’ll have to choose the star-shaped icon, and that message will be marked as ‘starred.’ Now to get your hand on that message, you’ll have to go to WhatsApp main screen, press on the three dots, and tap on ‘starred messages’ and boom. You can find all the messages you’ve marked star so far.

3. Hide the blue ticks: 

now, there are times when you read the messages but cannot reply to the messages immediately. The messages you read will then be marked as a blue tick, and people tend to think that you are ignoring them, and that offends people, which can lead to misunderstandings. To avoid such situations, you can turn off your read receipt. All you’ll have to do is go to settings, tap on the account, and then select privacy and then untick the read receipt.

4. Hide your WhatsApp story only from a certain number of people:

 so there are times when you want to hide your story from only a certain number of people, say some family members, and you can do that just by following a few simple steps. Now for that, all you’ll have to do is go to the status panel, then tap on status privacy, and from there, you can choose my contacts except or only share with. After that, you’ll have to select the people you don’t want to show your story to, and then you’re all done.

5. Write in bold, strikethrough, and italics font:

 sometimes in a paragraph message, you want to highlight specific sentences of words to get the reader’s attention. So if you’re going to bold a particular text or sentence all, you’ll have to do it type asterisk ‘*’ at the start and end of the message like, *hey* and WhatsApp will mark it bold automatically. Similarly, if you want it to be italics, you’ll have to add the underscore ‘_’ at the start and end of a message like _hey_, and WhatsApp will automatically convert it into italics. Last but not least, strikethrough, you have to add the tilde ‘~’ at the start and end of the message like ~hey~, and WhatsApp will automatically strike out the message.

6. Stop others from adding you to any random group: 

since these days everyone is using WhatsApp, people tend to make different groups now and then and add you. Random groups can sometimes be very annoying with constant vibration and ringing. To avoid such situations, all you’ll have to do is tap on the three dots on the top right corner, tap settings the accounts, and tap privacy. You’ll soon find title groups, tap on that, and you’ll get the options everyone, my contacts, and my contacts except, and then you can choose who can add you in the groups.

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