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6 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working Remotely

Natalie Athanasiadis July 24, 2015

Working remotely and setting your own schedule is awesome, no doubt. There are times though, when working from home can leave you feeling sluggish and unbalanced. Any type of sedentary lifestyle requires some planning, so here are 6 simple ways to enhance your health while living the dream of working in pajamas.


  1. Get Up and Move

Start your day like you actually have to go into an office later. By going to the gym, or simply taking a walk or run around your neighborhood, you are kick-starting your day in a positive way. Exercise creates endorphins that help manage stress. Plus, exercise will give you a happy start to the day and motivate you to focus at the task at hand. Lying around in pajamas all day is fine from time to time. But it’s important to shower and get dressed on those important days that you have meetings. Why not wear that custom suit you have while on a conference call? If it makes you feel like a million bucks, that confidence will carry over on the phone.


  1. Step Away

Learn when to step away from your desk. A lot of times, remote workers feel the need to wake up, check email and stay glued to their desk in fear of people thinking they aren’t working. You still need to have a work-life balance. Make sure to take a break during the day and get some fresh air. Studies show that a 15-17 minute break for every hour leads to higher productivity.


  1. Try Meditation or Yoga

Mental health is just as important as physical when it comes from working remotely. Clear your mind with some online meditation from Deepak Chopra or download an app such as the Mindfulness App. If you don’t think that’s up your alley, there are many online yoga classes that can be done at home. Either before work or after work, yoga is a great way to relieve stress and pressure and focus on staying in the moment and being grateful.


  1. Choose the Right Snacks

Make a choice to stock up on healthy snacks for your pantry versus stocking up on chips and other processed foods. Try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet if possible. Beth, a work-from-home CEO of, suggests having nuts, berries and greens during the day because they increase your cognitive function. Having a small snack every couple of hours will curve your appetite and ensure you don’t overeat at dinner.


  1. Find Ways to Combat Loneliness

Being isolated from other people all day long, 5 days a week, can take a real mental toll on remote workers. Try to find ways to connect with co-workers during the day, such as having casual, non-work related Skype chats daily. Lani, a digital analyst from hotelmarketingWorks, says that her remote team has daily coffee break chats and champagne fridge happy hour chats. This ensures that the team gets to know each other on a personal level. Take the time to pencil in lunch dates with friends and happy hours too. It might be tempting to just open that bottle of wine and drink alone after a long day of work, but try getting out of the house and having social interactions.


  1. Don’t Get Lazy while Traveling

Working remotely definitely has its travel perks. Leaving for a weekend getaway on a Thursday night to avoid the airport crowds on Friday is one of my favorite things to do. Working from a hotel has its temptations to get lazy and not maintain your healthy eating habits and state of mind, but it can be done. Leah Preston from staySky Hotels & Resorts, suggests making healthy choices at a complimentary hotel breakfast buffet simply by choosing egg white omelettes, fruit and yogurt versus pancakes and high calorie muffins. Take advantage of onsite gyms and make sure to still get your daily exercise in as well!


Try these 6 simple tips while working remotely in order to stay balanced and rejuvenated instead of feeling sluggish and out of shape. What other advice would you add to the list?

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