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7 Career Opportunities For Finance Graduates

pradipmohapatra February 21, 2020

With highly-compensated roles in investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance, finance is one of the most sought after careers. Among mid-level roles in finance, chartered accountancy is amongst highly-coveted roles in finance. Similarly, several other roles are equally popular and command good compensation in return. If you’re a finance graduate, these roles are your options out of the gate.

  1. Corporate finance – In this area, you are expected to have a solid understanding of business finance. The major focus here is increasing value for shareholders through various financial strategies including funding, budgeting, and other sources.
  2. Investment banking – Investment banks employ finance graduates as investment bankers who help the banks to facilitate investments and increase their returns. For this investment bankers are required to be equipped with strong mathematical and analytical skills, financial modeling, negotiation, research, among other skills.
  3. Private Equity – Companies need capital to grow, product development, and scale their operations. During these phases, private equity professional comes to action and help companies raise capital in exchange for equity. In this role, you will–
  4. You will look for potential leveraged buyouts
  5. Perform due diligence and prepare material before a transaction
  6. Do industry research to seek potential investment and buyout opportunities
  7. Work with senior partners of a private equity firm to facilitate investment opportunity
  8. Equity Research – Equity Research is the study of public stocks and associated companies with the aim to invest. Equity Research Analyst perform equity research to support their clients and investors to choose stocks and gain favorable return. Briefly, as an equity research analyst, you will gather–

    1. Stock information to support investors and traders in their investment and traders
    2. Optimum time to maximize the return on investment for traders
    3. Liaise with corporate finance professionals to raise funds
  9. Banking – Banking is perhaps the most sought after job among finance professionals. As a banking professional, you can be employed as a relationship manager, teller, bank manager, Loan Officer, among other roles.
  10. Risk Management – Financial risks are always looming over corporates, so it becomes imperative for them to overcome this risk and companies employ risk managers to do this. As a Risk Manager, you are expected to be strong at forecasting, valuation, financial acumen and possess strong ability to work under pressure.
  11. Accountant – Accountants manage bills, expenditure, purchase orders and more for companies. They oversee P&L and manage balance sheets. As an accountant, you are expected to have strong analytical skills, tech savviness, bookkeeping skills, and mathematical skills.

Overall, finance sector offers a variety of roles for finance graduates where one can practice their skills and put them to their best use. A career in finance is indeed rewarding. Though compensation is an important deciding factor. However, it shouldn’t be the only criteria to choose a job role. A career in private equity, investment banking, risk management and other areas are handsomely rewarded but decision for career should be made considering skillset and opportunities.

So what’s your career going to be?

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