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7 Cool Gym Wear Outfits for Women You Should Have

aliyanadesouza January 4, 2022

The dynamics of women’s sportswear are constantly changing. More women are now hitting the gym than in the previous decades. Therefore workout wears for women have become a staple just like others. Today most of them are designed in amazing tones with few or no traces of dullness. This helps promote vigor, confidence, and determination.

Well, it is true for a fact that women are not limited in the simple tips and tricks of looking great in a gym outfit. Most women will choose their outfits in terms of:

  • Breathability: Sweating during gym workouts necessitates choosing outfits from fabrics that allow easy circulation of air.
  • Flutter the figure: Yes, most women love to show some skin and other body aspects that are attractive to them.
  • Matching sets: Some women look great by matching elements of designs and patterns in their gym outfits.
  • Easy to accessorize: We think about additional features such as jewelry that are suitable during workout sessions.

You can think in the line of the following gym wear ideas for women:

Long sleeve tops: Long sleeve gym tops for women are exceptionally perfect during cool months when temperatures drop. At we have amazing long-sleeved tops that are stretchy and comfortable especially during the wintery months. You can try out our Electra black striped long-sleeved gym top which is super soft and has designs that contribute to breathability.  When choosing long-sleeved gym tops, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Material

Tank tops: These kinds of tops are perfect for the management of body temperature during workouts. They are also a good layering for womens sports bras. Today there are varieties of tank tops to choose from that are excellent as both gym wear outfits and cute going out tops. You can choose in the range of:

  • Your favorite colors: This may include juicy colors such as hot pink and lemon yellow or neutral colors such as brown and grey.
  • Designs: You will get tank tops in amazing designs like the racerback and open back.
  • Prints: Printed versions or even branded versions offer style and individuality in this type of gym outfit.

Sports bras: These are essential outfits during your gym sessions.  They offer large support especially in the chest area because the bouncing and jumping may lead to injury of the tissues.  To avoid any further discomfort, it is important to think in line with the right fit and size.  Today you will get women’s sports bras with both narrower straps and bands or those with wider straps or bands. 

The specific one you choose depends on the type of activities you are engaged in. For example, choose a sports bra that offers more support if you are engaged in high-intensity or high-impact activities including running or CrossFit exercises. This means that if you are involved in more contrasting activities you may need several different women’s sports bras. Other factors that may affect the type of bra and size include:

  • Body changes including weight gain or loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Age

It is of huge advantage to constantly have your bra measurements. You can do this from your

  • Rib cage area
  • Cup size
  • Band size

Leggings: Nothing is suitable for your squats, jogging, and other gym sessions as leggings.  They are also perfect for going out or gym prep outfits. They form the basic foundation of a great exercise outfits combo. Today you will find amazing leggings with extra additional features like pockets perfect for your little essentials. When selecting leggings, you can think of having:

  • The right fit: this should neither be too snug nor too loose.
  • Comfortable: The fabrics should be stretchy and flexible.
  • Colors and designs: In selecting colors and designs, you can create patterns by using matching sets either with your women’s sports bra or long-sleeved gym tops.

Shorts: If you are combining pairs for summer, then don’t forget about the shorts. These are suitable for running, jogging, biking, and CrossFit exercises. In choosing workout shorts think about:

  • Breathable materials.
  • Moisture-wicking properties.
  • Extra features such as pockets.
  • Workout shorts should feel comfortable for various movements.

You can pair your shorts with tank tops or long sleeve gym top womens.

Sweatshirts and hoodies: Winter moods call for being comfy and cozy. Sweatshirts and hoodies are excellent items for colder months. They are a perfect layer for women’s sports bras either before, during, or even after the workouts. They can also look cool for casual wear. Therefore they are a good pair for lounging around or as cute going out outfits.

The above is what you can include in your gym wear collections. Be sure with them you will constantly rock your gym sessions and workouts.

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