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7 Thing To Look For When Booking Corporate Travel

jobooni December 12, 2020

Regardless of scale and niche, a corporation might need to send executives out of its operating zone to sign a new deal, promote the company products or services, or meet the potential or existing clients. Most of the business trips are managed by the in-house travel management department. But a few companies contract a business travel management agency to take care of the affairs.

A lot goes into making the business trip a hit. From planning itineraries to managing expenses and making reservations to arranging accommodations, the travel manager needs to spend more time and make more effort for scheduling business trips. Here, we highlight seven things to consider when booking corporate travel:-

  • Plan Travel Early

The foremost step in the booking process is to plan the trip early. Knowing when to depart, which transportation to choose, and where to stay, a business can save much in expenses, avoid unnecessary hassles, and ensure everything goes as planned.

  • Choose Right Platform

An excellent online travel management platform provides business travellers with all the information in one place. Besides offering recommendations on suitable rails or flights and hotels, travel mobile apps allow automating travel expenses and organising receipts on the go.

  • Compare Costs

Ahead of booking a trip, compare the price offered by different travel management agencies for facilitating specific services. Remember to check if they grant access to real-time pricing of flights and hotels or offer any additional perks like free meals and zero cancellation fees.

  • One-Way Flights

Business travellers should prefer to book one-way flights and refrain from round-trip flights unless there are no time constraints. Going with the former option will significantly reduce the travel costs and provide flexibility to make a reservation based on travel plans.

  • Join Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes could be useful for frequent travellers. Many airlines and hotels offer special discounts to those having a membership to their loyalty schemes. As a reward, travellers might get reduced flight fares or free upgrades at the time of checking-in.

  • Check Travel Insurance

Travelling comes with several risks, such as losing the baggage or meeting with an accident. Therefore, business travellers must check their travel insurance policy and what parts of travel it covers.

  • Review Travel Policy

Everything planned for a business trip might fall apart if it does not comply with the corporate travel policy. Knowing things like budgetary limitations beforehand can save the time and cost during booking.

Travelling is essential to running and growing a business. As critical is a business trip to the business success, so is the booking of it. Hence, by being well-prepared and aware of these things, the business can leverage the most out of corporate travel.

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