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8 Beautiful Waterfalls around The World

Alex Mahone July 17, 2019

The world we exist has many fascinating views!

Waterfalls are one of mother nature’s most magnificent creations.

The life is as delightful as it is told by those who have enjoyed it, living it, and feeling it throughout their traveling tours. The only way to fold the pages of life is traveling. The waterfalls make the place like heaven. Let’s visit the stunning waterfalls of the world.

Niagara Falls
It is placed on the border of the USA and Canada. Niagara Falls is a merger of three waterfalls. It is one of the most attended tourist’s attractions in the USA and Canada and has been a prominent source of hydroelectric power.

Boyoma Falls
It is the most fabulous waterfalls throughout the world by volume and found in Lualaba River flowing in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa. It is stated as the cataract type of waterfalls, and nature has made it seven sets of waterfalls which are spread between Ubuntu and Kisangani towns. The waterfalls have an unbelievable flow rate of about 18 lakhs cu.ft./sec.

Khone Falls
It is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Khone Falls the second highest one by volume with a great low rate of 4 lacs cu.ft./sec. The falls are located Mekong River in Laos of Champasak Province, and it is also cataract type of waterfalls. In drizzly seasons the flow rate may increase to approximately 16 lacs cu.ft./sec.

Angel Falls
It is the world’s largest and highest waterfall with great height of 3212 ft. The falls are found in Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela. The height of waterfalls is so high that all the water of waterfalls will be scattered to small drops and spray before reaching the ground.

Victoria Falls: 
Do you want to see the seven wonders? Victoria Falls is one of them. The vivid Victoria Falls is surrounded by magnificent views to see. It is like a veil falling water in the globe. So, don’t miss the chance to visit the most famous waterfalls. Hurry up! Book your air tickets and go to Zambia to enjoy the falling smoke.

Tugela Falls: 
It is the never forgettable places in South Africa at the top of 948 meters. The viewpoint of the waterfalls makes spectacular magical scenes. The waterfall is tied with natural outlooks. To enjoy more book your ticket now!

Browne Falls:
It is located on high of the height at 619 meters. To see its flowing excitement brings a fantastic feeling. The magnificent mountains surround it. It has been named after Victor Carlyle Browne. The falls are placed in New Zealand.

Kaieteur Waterfall: 
It is the most beautiful waterfall placed in the area of the Amazon rainforest. It is an only one drop waterfall found in Guyana. The five times higher as compared to Niagara waterfalls is like a flowing milky bay falling from 226 m into the lap of nature. The best attraction points in the over the world.

So, why are you still waiting? Take a short break from your daily hustle-bustle life and book your tickets to enjoy the natural beauty of waterfalls. Also, for more such interesting things on Earth, explore with One Travel Girl travel blog. Good luck!

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