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8 Serious Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Davy Greene April 26, 2016

Having a website is mandatory if you wish to enjoy a successful business and promote your brand to your target buyers. However, it is also important that you know that the design of your website is important to attract potential clients. It is true that considering a website good or bad varies from person to person. However, there are some basic designing mistakes that you should avoid while planning the design of your website. You must aim to have a good design for your website so that your viewers can feel good to visit it repeatedly.

Here are some tips that you should follow while planning the design of your website. This will help you to get a brilliant, efficient and user-friendly website for your business.

1. Faulty Sense of Balance

Maintaining a perfect balance in the design of the website is a must. You must take care of even distribution of the important elements in the layout. This will create a sense of balance and proper order. Never leave any section unattended for the viewers while planning the same. On the other hand, do not make any particular portion clumsy with lots of elements.

2. Imperfect Use of White Space

Always use the white space perfectly while designing the website. Make sure that it is rightly used to interpret the relationship between two or more elements and the viewers can easily understand the same. Thus, the designers should use the white space carefully and tactfully. Make sure that all elements like titles, paragraphs, captions and others can be placed easily and will not look clumsy. It is crucial to set a clear visual hierarchy.

3. Missing The Repeat-ability

It is important that you repeat the visual elements on all your pages, so that the viewers can relate them to each other. Do not change the font, color, shape and other visual elements on various pages of your website. The website should not lose its consistency and integrity at any cost while offering information or communicating with the viewers.

4. Keeping The Text in The Middle

This is the trend of banners, invitation cards, and others; not of a website. Thus, do not try to put all your contents at the center of the page. Place them evenly and create a perfect balance so that the viewers will feel nice to see all of them and collect information from the same. Use subheadings, bullets, tables and other elements so that your viewers can get a variety while collecting information from your website.

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5. Excessive Amount of Text in One Line

Do not let your readers feel bored and irritated while reading a paragraph by offering them the excessive amount of text on one line. Choose the right font type and size so that it looks nice and short. Calculate the characters on a single line and make sure it should not cross 50 to 70 characters. The pixel of the text should be good enough so that the readers do not feel any issue in reading them.

6. Faulty Kerning On the Pages

Kern is the power of controlling change in the space between pairs of adjoining characters. Keeping an accurate distance between the symbols and letters is crucial on the basis of the proportion of the chosen fonts. If the letters of a word seem too close to each other, then the readers may not read them out clearly.

7. Unsuccessful Use of Colors and Fonts

Keeping the right contrast is necessary while choosing the font and the color. Never let your design look dull or flat because of faulty contrast. Do not have anything, which can be painful for the eyes of the readers.

8. Faulty Image Quality

If your website has images, then make sure that they are of high-quality. This is the matter of an impression of your website. You should take care of the resolution and pixel of all images on your website and make sure that they look nice.

Think hundred times during the design before you offer it to your viewers. Make sure it is worth visiting. Join the web designing training in Chandigarh for more information.

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