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8 Ways How Hackers Attack Your Social Media Accounts

Davy Greene March 29, 2016

There was a time when we were worried about our official computers only from being hacked and tried to protect it so that our official confidentialities cannot be harmed at any cost. But now the scenario has changed a lot. Nowadays, people have to protect even their social media profiles because this has become the latest target of hackers. Since social media becomes a significant part of our lives, hackers want to mess with it now. A lot of people prefer to use these vast platforms for their business purposes. If a hacker hacks the social media account of any businessman, then it can be a big disorder for him or her.

1. Phishing On Social Media

Often, you receive emails from a reputed person from London, who (God knows why?) want to give you billions of Euros or a multinational company wants you to join their house as a general manager. They ask your personal details along with banking details to help you in getting that money or the job. This is called phishing, and you need to be careful about the same. Apart from emails, social media can also be a medium for sending such a kind of fake notifications to trap people. Thus, you should click on every notification you get from Facebook carefully. Make sure that the notification you wish to click is a legitimate one.

2. Steal Your Identity On Facebook

All of us have a distinct identity on our social media accounts. You should be careful about the matter of identity theft on Facebook, which is a very common practice of the hackers. Your profile picture or other personal information may be stolen by someone else, and the hackers can use it as their own. You should report to the Facebook authority as soon as you notice this type of activities and get help from them.

3. Attacks Of Trojans

There is a universal tendency of the hackers to send a virus to your computer. Sometimes, they use Facebook as the medium for this kind of vile activity. Trojan is one such virus that can track everything you type on your computer, including your passwords and other financial details and send them to the hackers.

4. Attacks Of Malware

Another very common name that we all are afraid of is Malware. This virus can also be sent to your computer through your Facebook account. However, the good news is there is some advanced antivirus that can trace that virus the moment you open your account and send you notification about the same. It can also help you to throw it away. Facebook has some collaboration with these antivirus programs and offers you a free scan if you wish to.

5. Scams Are Tempting

There is lots of free stuff available on Facebook or some highly interesting videos that can help you to get millions of dollars within a few minutes. However, it is needless to say that all these are nothing but scams on Facebook, and you need to be careful before clicking on any of these scams.

6. Real People Tell Fake Stories

There are a lot of real people who tell you fake stories of medical emergencies and want some money from you. Be careful about such people. You should not pay them until you know them personally.

7. Doubtful Login Activities On Twitter

Always use the most advanced and latest security methods for Twitter to avoid any kind of suspicious login activity on your Twitter account.

8. Twitter Spams Are Tempting

On Twitter also; you can get tempting offers of money-back guarantee, quick money, and many other things to convince you about a certain fake program. Do not click on any link, which is not a known one to you.

You need to be careful about your account all the time. Thankfully, these social media platforms have introduced a lot of security measures, and you need to add them to your account to keep out of reach of some frauds. You should attend training Institute in Chandigarh for more information on website creation.

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