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9 Different Types of Sarees for Bride from the Different States of India

nidhishekhawat475 September 9, 2021

Sarees are an essential outfit in any woman’s wardrobe., not just when she’s getting married, but also if she’s a fashionista. If you grew up seeing your mother wear saris, you probably have a basic understanding of the various types of sarees available in the Indian market. While some weaves are only available in specific states and regions of India, others are still available through e-commerce websites and traders. We’ve developed a list of the top 9 items that every lady should have in her post-wedding wardrobe. Continue reading!

1. Banarasi Saree

Most likely, you already have a beautiful Banarasi sari or lehenga from your wedding. A red Banarasi, which is associated with weddings, is expected to complement a bride-to-be. As is traditional, a Bengali bride will wear a heavy and royal red Banarasi saree on her wedding day. Some brides, however, take a chance and go with Banarasi lehengas.

Designer Banarasi Saree

2. Printed Saree

It’s time to discuss common sarees after a dosage of really exclusive weaves. You’ll always be able to get a typically printed sari that won’t break the bank. Mixed cotton or synthetic saris are essential for doing errands on the spur of the moment or simply practicing pleats. Don’t you agree?

Printed Saree

3. Patan Patola Saree

These saris were once owned by wealthy and royal families, and they are still exceedingly expensive today. A Patan Patola needs the combined effort of three to four weavers for at least six months to weave. Many people consider it a piece of art, and if you’re one of the lucky brides who happens to inherit one, consider yourself quite fortunate.

Patola Sarees Collection

4. Paithani Saree

If you’re a Maharashtrian, you’ve probably heard about Paithani sarees from your grandmother. Paithani sarees are regal, and the zari used to be made of pure gold, but today silver is used instead of gold, making Paithani saris more reasonable.

Paithani Sarees

5. Tussar Saree

Tussar is another type of silk that can be worn for both formal and festive occasions. Traditional Bengal Tussar saris are natural beige or cream, with a contrasting border and pallu, and floral and paisley designs are woven throughout the body. Striped or geometric patterns are very prominent in contemporary designs. To make a statement, choose a standard Tussar silk sari and combine it with a heavy blouse.

Tussar Sarees Collection

6. Organza Saree

One of the most romantic, but also one of the most difficult to drape fabrics. Organza has a mysterious and elegant quality to it, and we’ve seen brands experimenting with a variety of colors and floral motifs when it comes to Organza.

Organza Saree

7. Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram sarees are made in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Silk sarees are typically worn for special events, but they also fall under the category of bridal dress. The weight of the sari is used to determine its quality, which is an interesting feature of these saris. Given that these saris are composed of very heavy silk, it would seem to make sense.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree Online Shopping

8. Kota Doria Saree

Sarees from Kota Doria are known for their elaborate geometric designs known as khats. Because of its lightweight and traditional style, a Kota sari is a favorite among working women due to its ability to stay in place. If you’re just getting started with the seven yards, this should be your first choice.

Kota Silk Sarees

9. Indigo Cotton Saree

Tie and dye, which combines cotton with a natural color like indigo, is one of the most popular fashions today. Indigo’s natural tone is highly attractive and summer-friendly.

Indigo Cotton Sarees

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