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LenaH July 5, 2021

Forget about rigid diets and unusual “star” nutrition systems! Professionals will tell you what will make the process of losing weight effectively.

The number on the scales depends not only on the lifestyle and diet but also on the state of the body. All nutritionists say as one: “Before starting to lose weight, be sure to consult your doctor.” 

In this article, we will share with you secret tips on proper weight loss that only professionals know.

You can gain weight from dietary products

Many Australians believe that low-calorie foods can be eaten in any quantity – you still won’t gain weight. However, even dietary and healthy meals in excess can increase weight. In addition, some foods in large quantities harm a healthy metabolism. Do not get carried away with light snacks and learn to eat only because of hunger, and not from boredom or thirst. If you feel very hungry, drink a glass of water first. Then eat something healthy and satisfying to make it to your next meal.

The time you eat is as important as what you eat

To lose weight correctly and for a long time, you need to establish a diet and learn how to follow it. The body suffers greatly when you starve all day, and in the evening you eat up a week in advance. The best advice for losing weight is to distribute portions throughout the day. Don’t skip a hearty breakfast. Aim to eat small meals every three hours and finish your meals two to three hours before bed.

Maintaining weight is harder than losing it

Especially if you are on a strict diet. Indeed, for the body, the process of losing weight is stressful. When you return to your previous regime after a diet, everything else also returns to normal. Effective weight loss is not possible with an extreme diet or intense training. To keep your weight off, you have to live by strict rules at all times. Only lifestyle and dietary changes are truly productive. Start a regular exercise routine and gradually cut out unhealthy foods. Otherwise, until the end of your days, you will “swing” from side to side.

Check your thyroid before dieting

Before starting, take a test for thyroid hormones, because they directly affect our weight. The fact is that their work plays an important role in the functioning of metabolism. Endocrinologists recommend doing an advanced hormone test if you are trying to lose or gain weight, but to no avail.

Medications you are taking may affect your weight

Some of the pills that your doctor prescribes for depression, diabetes, hypertension, and other serious medical conditions can affect your weight. Medications can slow down the weight loss process and contribute to weight gain. Talk to your doctor if the medications you are taking have any of these side effects and if they can be replaced with harmless alternative medications.

Alcohol interferes with weight loss. Always

Another glass, and you won’t drink from tomorrow? Remember – if you want to lose weight, you should give up alcohol completely. All alcoholic drinks interfere with weight loss, not just because of their calorie content, but because of their detrimental effect on metabolism. They just slow it down. Alcohol is also a source of light carbohydrates that can lead to diabetes.

Not all calories are equal

When you form a new diet, remember one simple truth – not all high-calorie foods are dangerous for the figure, and not all low-calorie meals are good for it. Many high-calorie foods contain a large number of nutrients, quickly saturate the body and improve metabolism. To refuse them is akin to a crime. The main thing is to know when to stop. At the same time, “diet” snacks like low-fat yogurt and cereal bars are actually bad not only for your figure but also for your health. Focus not on calories, but on the content of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the composition.

Sport is indispensable

So, you started eating right, and the weight doesn’t leave you? That’s right! To start losing extra pounds, you must not forget about physical activity. Without it, you will not achieve any results. Experts advise combining cardio and strength training. Choose the sport that suits you and go for it. Best gyms in Sydney can provide you with great workouts in the best conditions. 

Don’t be afraid of “muscle” weight

Having started to actively play sports, you may notice that the figure on the scales has become larger. How so? No, you have not gained weight – you have increased muscle mass because muscle is heavier than fat. In addition, the more muscle you have, the more actively you will lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, by the age of 30-40, the process of losing muscle mass starts. And the older you get, the more active you will have to be.


You already know that you need to work hard for your dream body and that there is no magic pill. But, now you know some additional secrets that will help you in your journey. Just don’t give up, be persistent and enjoy the process! 

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