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9 frequently asked questions about the lock laces

sophie January 30, 2018

The lock laces are a very new idea to most people. This is because the people are used to relying on the traditional laces. Apparently, most of them lack sufficient information about the elastic laces. This forces them to ask questions before placing an order. Asking is great since it gives the user the chance to know more about this new creation. Listed are questions asked by most people about the lock laces.

  • A pack of laces  
    People always want to know what a pack of elastic shoelaces for shoes contain. This is vital since they would like to know what they are buying. A pack contains 2 laces that are 48 inch long, 2 lock devices for every lace and the 2 cord clips. All these elements are needed for the laces to be tied properly. You can return the pack if one of the elements is missing. The lock device has been printed lock laces.
  • How it works  
    The lock laces perform the same function just like the traditional laces. However, their design is different. This difference has an effect on how the elastic laces work. A majority of the people are interested in buying the laces. Apparently, they do not know how it works. Most people would like to know how to use the lock laces. This is one of the most asked questions from potential buyers.
  • Re-using the laces  
    Most folks would like to find out if they can re-use the lace to fasten different shoes. This is possible because the elastic lace can be used on any type of shoe. Apart from that, the pliable lace is very flexible. It can fit any shoe size. It cannot break easily when stretched. The durability of the lace allows it to be used more frequently. It is conceivable to use one lace to tie more shoes.
  • Arthritis patients
    The arthritis patients always encounter excruciating pain in their bones. Hence, they cannot wear a shoe that will add to the pain in their bones. Those with severer arthritis cannot use the traditional laces. Most of them ask if they can comfortably use the lock laces. Lock laces are perfect for such patients since it does not add pressure on their foot. However, they need help to install these shoe laces.
  • Color option  
    The laces must complement the color of the shoe. That adds beauty on the shoe. However, those making the lock laces have provided numerous colors for their target clients. Apparently, some folks find it hard to obtain their preferred color. There are manufacturers can strive to provide your unique color option. They can allow you to share their ideas. Getting the color you need is much easier.
  • Returns and exchanges  
    Many clients are interested to know if they can return or exchange the locks after delivery. Most retailers are interested in selling quality elastic shoelaces for shoes. This is because they want to satisfy their customers with amazing services and products. In case of any dissatisfaction, the clients can return the elastic lace within 30 days. The retailer will replace the lace. Most retailers never return the money.
  • Fitting through eyelets  
    The eyelets of the existing shoe design have different sizes. There are cases where the lock lace cannot fit the eyelets of the clients’ shoe. They definitely contact the retailer to know what step to take. Sending another lace is a solution but it will take a longer time due to the shipping process. The user can cut the plastic aglets on the pliable laces. That will enable him to squeeze the lace through the eyelets.
  • Shipping  
    In most places in the world, the retail shops do not offer the lock laces. Most individuals have acquired info regarding the laces online and they need it. This forces them to place a demand online. They will rely on shipping services to access the laces. Many ask if the elastic laces can be shipped internationally. The cost of shipping is asked too. The laces can be shipped internationally within 14 business days.
  • Price
    Whenever a client is interested in buying a particular product, they will ask about its costs. The available retailers will impose a different cost on the shoe laces. They have the liberty of charging a price that is suitable to profit their businesses. Apparently, most online retailers offer the lock laces at a very cheap price. Take time to compare the prices of several reputable retailers. You will identify a cheaper one.

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