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A Cursory Reading of The Photography Services

Laphototeam August 18, 2021

Involving your product photos in your outsourcing from the ecommerce photography services is no minor undertaking. To be on the safe side, you should also investigate the advantages and disadvantages of DIY vs. outsourcing.

On the one hand, there are the expenses of in-house product photos and outsourcing against outsourcing charges.

To help you pick the ideal studio, try looking at these hints. There is just a brief discussion of these subjects in this article. The primary focus of the article is on the product photos studios that provide their services. I will conduct a studio survey, in which I will examine the services given by all studios, as well as the extras provided by larger studios. I will investigate what studios provide in specialised services.

Come on, let’s do this.

Doing It Yourself vs. Outsourcing

Do-it-yourself (DIY) and outsourcing both provide advantages to your organisation, but they also have their disadvantages as well. Be sure to look at both sides of the issue before making your conclusion.

Check out our blog for more articles that may assist you make this decision.

Ask yourself this question: Do we have the capability, skill, funding, and cooperation from all levels of the organisation to generate excellent product pictures ourselves? To the best of my knowledge, I believe if your response is ‘yes,’ you should examine the procedures for establishing your DIY studio, along with strategies for making the most of your DIY studio. Read the remainder of this article to learn about the outsourcing alternatives available and become familiar with each of them before determining if outsourcing is a good fit for your product photography needs.

If you have already completed your DIY studio and are about to learn that it requires substantial effort, resources, and money, then you may be studying this post. It’s OK—there are others who feel the same way. To figure out whether or not outsourcing is a viable option, we should look at how the cost, image quality, and timeliness compare to your DIY efforts. an excellent place to begin is understanding the available services (keep reading).

When considering the many improvements you may make to your DIY studio performance, make sure to investigate all of your options.

Let’s evaluate the services you have access to before contemplating outsourcing. Pro Studios offer a wide range of various services. I will describe the following categories of services in this portion of the article:

Every studio should have standard services. These more established studios will provide additional services that expand on the baseline offerings.

In addition to the conventional and additional services, full-service studios will also provide advanced services. There are studios in this group that focus on a certain service. By learning about these services, you will be better equipped to evaluate studios.

All studios offering standard services include:

  • A list of all the essential services provided by all product photos studios follows.
  • Tripod-based photography.
  • Photoshopping.
  • Composite picture production.

Pictures of tabletop products

When you need basic tabletop photography, the majority of studios will supply it. A criterion I use to refer to items which is less than 50 pounds and are suitable for a 4′ by 4′ table is a ‘still shot’ of products. Large and heavy items need specialised equipment, dedicated studio space, and more resources to manage them. Many photography studios do not have the ability to photograph these goods.

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