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A Guide On Advantages and Features of 3CX Phone System

ammywatsonci December 18, 2020

The 3CX telephone system allows employees to enter their telephone system wherever they go. The easy-to-use web-based PBX console eliminates the need for telecommunications specialists and expensive hardware components that need hardwiring. This technology supports SIP phones, VoIP providers, PSTN routes, and web-based management consoles to make easy-configured and straightforward treatments.

The communication solution offered by 3Cx is widely regarded as a global leader. Simple, flexible, and affordable, it boasts the following features:

Widely available: You can run 3CX Softphones on Windows or web-based clients, and there are applications available for iOS and Android. Users can use the 3CX system on most devices.

Open Platform: You don’t need specific SIP luggage, cloud providers, or hardware to utilize the 3CX fantastic product. It can be mobilized premise or in the cloud, and you can choose and control your telephone number.

Scalable: You don’t need to register for several users or specific mailboxes from the start. The 3CX system can grow with your business quickly.

: IP PBX versus traditional PBX has saved significantly. 3CX is valued very competitively in the communication technology market and does not have per-extension costs.

Features of 3CX Phone System

– Monitoring 24/7 of health metrics and server performance and alarms to mitigate problems proactively before.

– Proactive, updating, and server maintenance and 3CX telephone systems ensure your communication platform is always current and safe.

– Daily reserves to ensure that your system configuration and settings are protected to minimize disaster recovery time.

– Proactive hardware refresh and enhancement of server resources that are easy to ensure computational resources are always the latest.

– Hosting and adjusting technical support with full visibility into the end-to-end solution to accelerate support when needed.

– Optional device management and maintenance to monitor proactively, maintain and back up essential devices

– Optional application support to assist administration, change management, training, or technical assistance whenever needed.

What are The Advantages of the 3CX Phone System?

3Cx is a comprehensive business phone system for small business made to grow SMEs with requirements for communication tools to develop with their business. As an open standard PBX system, your business telephone system’s installation and management are straightforward.

3Cx has a variety of features, which are all standard with PBX packages. Offering complete flexibility, this VoIP telephone system allows you to take full control over your telecommunications solutions. Many of our existing clients have chosen 3Cx based on the extensive benefit range of system offers. Some of the main benefits include:

Low Cost

Move to the 3CX Phone Provider Reduces the cost of hardware, administration, and maintenance of your phone. It means a lower phone bill when you apply a 3CX telephone system. Say goodbye to high costs related to web conferences and calls to offices in other countries. Remote branches can use a unique extension thanks to the SIP 3CX provider.

Increased Productivity

Having a heavy telephone system like 3Cx allows your team to increase productivity, communication, and collaborative work. Main features such as chat, status renewal, and call reporting and recording enable your team to work more efficiently. Teams can also be monitored, call efficient markets, and make the system suitable for the contact center.


You can use the 3CX telephone system with VoIP technology, SIP, and PSTN technology. This system is easily configured and equipped with a web-based management console. Maintain security without hiring telecommunications consultants using the security features included for VoIP – which has options for FQDN and SSL certificates. It makes it possible to manage PBX on the internal domain or physical server.

Control Full System

3CX can be installed premise or hosted in your cloud, giving your full business control over your business telephone system. It is a significant advantage because you can make changes at your own time, without needing help.

Easy Collaboration

The VoIP 3CX system comes with unlimited extensions. Use this feature to increase collaboration in your company. Encourage employees to use the 3CX telephone system to collaborate on the project.


Users can take advantage of integrated communication every time they travel by accessing their PBX when inside or outside the office – both on any computer or by utilizing 3Cx Phone. The most important benefit of the 3CX system is that you can easily connect on calls through WIFI systems and 3CX extensions. 

Easy Maintenance

This software-based software exchange (PABX) utilizes the best VoIP and SIP characteristics as an open standard. What makes it better is that it’s right out of the box – without you having to go through a complicated settings procedure. 3CX is also easy for the IT department because you can choose Windows or Linux. Depending on your IT department experience & your IT infrastructure, users can decide what is most suitable for them.


The 3CX phone system works well with small or medium companies. You install VoIP and provide support for 3CX technology at a very affordable level. Get a sound quality telephone system in your budget.

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