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A Handy Guide to Buying Swimsuits

Yorkivelly December 12, 2022

Swimsuit shopping can get stressful, whether you buy online or from a store. While you get everything from curvy swimsuits to bikini sets for different body types, getting your hands on the right swimwear needs consideration of several things.

So, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is what size you should purchase. While the answer may be simple for many, it may not always be straightforward. You should know that sizing varies wildly between brands, which can confuse you at the time of purchase. Hence, finding the perfect fit for your unique size and shape becomes a thing of trial and error. For this reason, many customers tend to remain loyal to a single brand. But you need to know the nitty-gritty of swimsuit purchase to get to that point. And the information in the following section can guide you through the buying process. So, keep reading.

How Would You Find the Right Size?

There are hardly any women who have not faced sizing issues when buying swimsuits. Since there is no standardised size across brands, swimsuit buying gets tricky. So for that, you can consult the sizing chart when buying online; it will provide a good point of reference to start your search. However, if you still have doubts about the measurements, you can contact the designer directly or the customer service department for guidance.

What Swimsuit Material Should You Be Looking for?

Most swimwear you find is a combination of nylon, lycra, and, in some cases, elastane. Using these fabrics in an 80-20 split is perfect for the longevity and comfort you want. Other factors like fabric’s weight and prints can also affect the fit.

Another factor you must consider is the sheerness and how it would appear after the dip. While you get some hints from the pictures, you can also contact customer service reps when in doubt. And if you are going to be a little rough on your swimsuits, it is best to go with good-quality fabrics. So, keep an eye out for high-performance material features like oil, pill or UV resistance.

What Swimsuit Is Top Best for Your Bust?

You get a wide range of swimsuits like curvy swimsuits, monokinis, and bikini sets according to different body shapes and sizes. But, before looking for swimsuit tops complimenting your figure, ensure you know what you are trying to achieve.

So to achieve a bit of oomph, you can try cup inserts. If you have smaller busts, you could benefit from front-seamed bralette-style tops where the little notches add structure and create the illusion of fuller cups. You may also wear sports-style tops if you have heavy busts, but if you don’t want that compressed look, try wide bands for the under-bust and crisscrossed back closure for maximum support.

What Design Details Should You Look for?

You must consider the activities you would do in your swimsuit to choose design details. For example, if you wish to spend time doing water sports, a high neck and no-slip leg opening in your swimsuit are the prerequisites. Besides, you can look for adjustability features that can ensure a custom fit. So, you should pay attention to product descriptions to better understand your needs.

How Should You Care for Your Swimsuits?

The key to ensuring that your swimsuit lasts long is high-quality care. So, you must pay attention to washing out chlorine, sunscreen residue and sea salt after every wear. Also, steer clear of hot water to increase its lifespan, as high temperatures can break down elastics and fibres, making your swimsuit saggy.

While you invest so much time and money in your swimsuits, you don’t want them to go out of style anytime soon after your purchase. So, you can stick to some timeless pieces like a one-piece maillot or opt for high-waisted bottoms that are likely to remain unaffected by fashion fads.

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